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    Hillbilly Hills - This plot will take place in the midevil times, their source of light will have come from candles and water has to be fetched with a bucket at the nearby springs and lakes. Incest isnt frowned upon and entertainment is already scarce... this family is set off away from everyone and secluded. The only people around for miles is their own, the family is a big one the mother and father are pieces of shit trash who brought their children up with no morals or respect, and they never learned what the word NO meant. The oldest son was spoiled and given anything he ever wanted, even when it came to taboo things of nature. The oldest daughter was spoiled as well, but not as much as the son and all children were basically treated as slaves and toys to do with what they pleased. The children, four of them all together, three boys and one girl have never left home since there is and never has been an outside life. They are of age now, but nothing has changed, the children dont realize that now they are adults they dont have to be ruled by their parents so they obey as children would. The parents for entertainment, make the children (who are no longer children) engage in each other, and even though the female is spoiled she is still treated like the family fuck meat.

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