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  • Hot Spring Hook-up (18+)

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    Name: Maria Tsukimiya

    Age: 23


    Turn-offs: Scat, Piss, Gore, Extreme Fetishes

    Turn-ons: Roughplay, creampie, public

    Personality: A rather calm, rational kind of person. Though upfront and bold about her wants and needs. A social butterfly, who isnt afraid to try anything and keep an open mind.

    Theres known to be an inn, an inn with a perculiar room aside from the common male and female section. To which a select few know about. Its a specific section that welcomes couples, or people looking to release some stress. An open air bath open to the unisex, and most importantly, welcome people having sex in that area. Maria was an accountant, living a little above minimum wage in a small flat that is affordable. However, on weekends where she has the time off, she frequents that specific area often, to relief herself of pent up stress of the busy week. Today was no different. Booking a room of 2 nights and 3 days, Maria starts getting herself relaxed in the room she was assigned in, and started heading herself over to the unisex bathhouse. Where she bare herself nude rather casually and easily. Though it looked as if there wasn't anyone else in the bathhouse currently, which is understandable, being a Friday night. Still, she started to wash herself clean and take a dip in the hot spring water. Letting out a blissful sigh, her decently sized breasts almost floating on the water. It was always a shame to be the only person in this bathhouse, but she didn't let it hang in her mind too much. After all, she still had Saturday and Sunday to herself, and a few people will come in here sooner or later by then. Of course, as soon as she thought that, she heard the sliding doors open and close. With her luck it could be a new person she can have fun with during her stay there.spacer.pngspacer.png

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