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  • Hot Vacation Sex

    The sky is clear, the sun is beating down on the people below as Noah starts to make his way off the plane. Around him is a mass of people, they all looked so busy and the area filled wiith enegry. To get a better look Noah took of his shades and nodded his head.

    "Let's get the vacation started." He'd say, neare shouting it as he made his way to his taxi to head over to the hotel.

    Taxi driver: "You gettin in or what?" He'd shout, his face all turned up in fuss his cigarette nearly falling out of his mouth.

    Noah: "Haii..." Making his way to the vehicle he'd give his directions and got in the back.

       Thirty minutes to an hour later he was pulling up to an luxury resort, where the rooms appeared to be apartments. "Oh wow, it's even better then it looked online. I can't wait." He'd say as he then paid the man and went to look for his room number. Quickly finding it an entering he'd place his things down as he'd rush to the window to examine his view.

    "So far so good." He'd say standing before his window with his shirt wide open, his hands on his waist. Backing away from the window he then headed back to his room.

    SFX: [Boop...screech]

    "Huh? Did  just hear something?" He asked himself as he started off toward the rooms to investigate.

    "(Is someone else truly here? If so, why?)" He thought as he approached the room in which the sounds were coming from. Entering what seemed to be the bathroom he peeked in from around the corner when he spotted.... A female. Standing on top of the tub fixing the pole wearing just a towel, on top of that it was barely hiding anything; allowing enough space from the towel itself and her body for him to catch a few glimpses of her shape. Slender stomach, soft--hairless pussy, thick thighs, an ankle bracelet.

    "Blessed be the Gods, an angel is barely dressed in my new home. Am I dreaming?" He asked himself, ina desire to see her face he leaned in further.

    SFX: [Cree-aak]

    Noah: "Ehm.."

    Woman: "Wha?" -Turns her head in a fright.

    "Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?" She'd shout in a panic as she makes her way to the sink.

    Noah: "Sorry, but I... Wai-" He shouts, seeing her grab things as she starts throwing them at him. "What in the hell..." He'd smack what he could down as he quickly fled from the bathroom door, stand in the hall.

    "Why are *you* here? I live here for the remainder of my vacation! You must have the wrong room, I'm sorry but I have to politely ask you to leave."

    Woman: "Ha. That's rich coming from a pervert. I'm not going anywhere you are." She'd shout. Soon realizing she doesn't have her phone.

    Noah: "Get dressed then show me your info, I'll prepare mines for you when you're ready to come see it." He'd say heading back into the living quarter which was only seconds away. Standing with his back toward the bathroom he stood appearing angry his face flushed.

    Woman: "Ahem." Walking into the living space she'd pause for a minute, her hair still wet her blood red dress stinking to her, her cleavage on display. "I'm Nimiko Nishi... My papers." She'd say, as she handed them to him.

    Noah: "I'm Noah Takumi. Here are mine, I wish we could have met on better terms--you're quite stunning." He'd say, as he examine the paperwork. "I don't get it. It says the same thing as mines. Could it be a mistake?" He'd asked himself.

    Nimiko: "You're right. Except these both say one bedroom, but there's two beds. I noticed when I first got here."

    Noah: "Why didn't you check on things sooner or go on guard when you heard my voice, I was pretty loud."

    Nimiko: "I assumed you were a neighbor, I left the window open to air the place out. I didn't think you had entered here, after all I locked the door." She'd then glare over at him.

    Noah: "I see. Sorry about earlier, I might have seen you in the bathroom when you were... well what were you doing?" He asked, rubbing his neck out of nervousness.

    Nimiko: "Fixing the pole, it fell out. They must have put it up real quick before leaving. Or broke it."

    Noah: "Hm. Sounds like fun." He'd admit, thinking about the kind of sex they might have been having to break it. "Anyway, we can both stay tonight, and work things out tomorrow, I have jet-leg and I would like to rest." He'd say heading back toward his room.


    [It's late, and hte sun is setting]

    "Mhm. Should I get up? My body it telling me 'no', but my mind is telling me, 'yes'." He'd mutter as he sat up and sat on the edge of the bed, when he noticed he was being greeted by his erected member.

    "Already up?" He'd whisper as he thought about taking care of it. Right before making his way over to the shower. Grabbing his things he entered the bathroom and prepared the water. Then closing and locking the door.

    [30mins to hour he bathes]

    SFX: [Knock-Knock]

    "Are you almost done?" She'd shout.

    "Nearly. I'll let you know when I get out." He'd announce as he stood under the water and sighed heavily turning it off. "(She probably needs to use it.)" He thought, stepping out and wrapping the towel around his waist. Leaving the bathroom he sees her standing with her head down.

    Seeing she hadn't responded to him leaving, he leaned over and then with his right hand, he took his index finger and thumb and forced her to lift her head. "I'm done. In case you missed it." He'd mutter, inches from her body soaking wet in no more then a towel.

    Able to now get a real good viewing of his face, she noticed how hot he was; his muscles were sparkling due to sprinkle of water droplets, his hazel hued eyes, fair skin, red hair, big finger, and 6pk she'd blush as she went silent.

    "(No thank you... She seems a bit far away... her and these outfits, she makes it hard to keep from wanting to touch her. How much have I seen of this body in a day? Her breast are huge and they look so soft, as though they were begging for me to touch them. On top of that, she's not complaining about being held up.)"He thought.

    "Did you hear me?" He'd repeat, a grin forming on his face.

    "Tsk. Don't touch me." She'd say, pushing him off her face red as she marched into the bathroom." Entering quickly an slamming the door. "(Why did I pause like that?...Stupid-Stupid--Ah that's right)" She'd say, as she then would rush to the bathrrom.

    Noah: "There's a fire in that one, I best be careful." He'd mutter his member on the verge of take off.

    "It's hot."

       Making his way into the living quarters he looked for a box of some sort for the temperture. "Might as well watch something." He'd then turn on the tv, as he continued his search tossing it into one of the nearby couches. "Here maybe?" He'd say opening a box and seeing what was going on inside.

    TV: "Ah! Ah-ha Ah... Harder" A female would say as she moaned out. "Like this?... Oh that face your making, you seem as though you're having alot of fun Kayko." He'd say, more and more the sounds of thrusting could be heard as she would continue to moan out.

    Noah: "What is this?" She'd say, turning around.

    Nimiko: "Hey, have you no shame turn that down!" She'd complain, heading out looking for the remote.

    Noah: "I mean, it doesn't bother me really but I did just turn it on. I wouldn't purposely be watching something like this so loud alone."

    Nimiko: "So you'd watch it loud like this with someone else?"

    Noah: "Watch no, more like compete. Come on-- don't tell me you never tried having sex to porn while thinking..." He then leans into her ear. "I could do better than that." He'd then walk by her.

    "Did you call anyone yet?"

    Nimiko: "Of-Of course. They said everything's legit, and they can't do anything. We would have to decide to leave ourselves."

    Noah: "That's too bad, I can't. Although honestly I don't mind you staying... here that is with me. It's not like I brought someone." He'd mention. "What about you?"

    Meanwhile the tv is still making lewd sounds, and as she thinks her face goes red. 

    "You're turning red. You okay?" He then enters the kitchen area and grabs a water. "Here, I know its hot." He then passes her the water.

    "You're right, it is. Thanks. Alright, we may be able to make it work. What about others?" She'd ask.

    "I won't bring back any girls, so please don't bring back any men. Deal?" He stretched out his hand.

    "Deal." She then reaches out and shakes it back. While shaking his hand she seemed to pout.

    "Cheer up, we're still on vacation!" He then takes his head to her head and rubs it gently.

    Nimiko: [Gasp] "Would you turn this off?" She'd ask angerily.

    Noah: "I told you, I don't have the remote. Seriously, I threw it over there somewhere." He'd say pointing to the couch in question.

    Nimiko: "Fine, then I'm turning it off."

    Noah: "I'll help search."

      As she speeds off in search she leans over searching the sides of couch. While bent over Noah couldn't help staring down her plump buttom. "Excuse me." He'd say, trying to squeeze by. "Oh, sor-" Backing up, she'd push her rear against his pants knocking him off balance. Immediately she reached out for him when she seen the glass, turning around and using her body weight to save him.

      Only needing a little help he was overwhelmed by her forced and fell into her, forcing her down into the couch with him.

    "Thank you, feels like you do this often." He'd comment when he noticed the look of discomfort on her face. "What's wrong?"

    "Ahh... It hurts." She'd mutter, taking an arm around his neck and as she pulled out the remote.

    "Oh no, I got'cha." He'd then pulled her up.

    "I'm okay." She'd reply.

    "Here." He'd then take the remote and change it. Quickly finding out that they had many channels for this kind of thing when he just turned it off for now.

    "It's getting pretty late." He'd mention.

    "Is it?" She'd reply, "I'm not tired at all." She'd say, blushing.

    "Oh yea, then what should we do?" He then sits down and spreads his legs, leaning back into the seat.

      Suddenly she climbs into his lap, her legs stretched over his as she leans forward nearly kissing him. "What thinking I was gon-.." Suddenly he had pulled her into a kiss, his lips wrapping around hers, as his hands went down to her waist pulling her up even more so over his groin. Gripping firmly behind her kness in order to aid in spreading her legs, once spread he'd slid his hands up over her bubbly ass-cheeks leaving his left on her right cheek, as his right went to her waist to help guide her hips. A few deep kisses more and her hips began to rock, his member already pretty stiff as it only continues to harden and lift against his pants--which were bulging into her dress.

    His actions causing a reaction within her body, causing her to kiss him back. With each touch, and grind she had started to moan into his mouth.

    "What are you doing?" She'd ask.

    "What does it feel like?" He'd state.

      Nimiko would then sit back, allowing her full weigh to smush into his member. "I knew you were a pervert." She'd say, wiping her lips.

    "Stop saying that. Especially after climbing on my lap and trying to play with my emotions." He'd then stare into her eyes with a blank, cool expression. "Admit it, that's what you wanted. I simply didn't fight you." He'd then begin to grin.

    "No. It's not, although I admit I was planning on teasing you." She'd then break eye contact.

    Noah then reached out for her chin, and pulled it gently toward him, hesitating for just a moment before he'd kiss her. As she closed her eyes her face turned a light pink, returning his kiss as he leaned back down she leaned over his body further her breast pushing into his chest. Noah's kiss then became tender kisses as he felt her kissing him back, along with a pleasure over his growing mass.

    "Mhm. You taste nice." He'd mutter as silva ran down his cheek. Noah then sat up re-positionning himself against the couch to enjoy her even more than better. His back against the couch as her body sat over his groin pushing down his harder member which was hard and pressing against her.

    "You don't have to hold back." He'd say.

    "Eh. What do you mean?" She'd say.

    "You want to go further right?" He'd then grasp her hips before turning over and putting her on her back. "Then let's." He'd then kiss her lips again, this time his right hand held her face, his left slowly sliding up her bare leg. His han disappearing under her dress, his tongue entering her mouth as his fingers pulled on the top of her panties. While Deepening his kisses his middle finger slid bettween her lower lips, immediately she felt how wet she was. The entirety of his middle finger was soaked. 

    Slowly but surely his middle finger spread into any crevice it could find, moans escaping her lips into his mouth as he then worked in his index finger into her clit massaging her pussy walls. Her body fidgetting under his grip, until she couldn't help parting from his lips just to breathe.

    "This worked up already. My godness, I better finish this part up. Not before I do that though." He then pulled out his fingers and chuckled a bit. Standing to his feet he'd look over her face, she looked so overwhelmed, her body sweating and stinking to her. "We're not done, don't worry." He'd say, his pants pushed out to their limit as he then took both hands to her panties to forced down around her ankles taking them off her. Then he lifted her dress, taking both hands under her knees he hike them up into the air. "Promise not to cum yet." He'd mention before he'd disappear, inserting his tongue into her pussy--licking her clit slowly, her body pulsing as his touch.Smiling he then inserted it into her entrance.

    [Ahh-Ah Ah... No.. If you do that... I-I'll...Ehh!!!]

    "Carefull. You'll break your promise too soon aat this rate." He'd say dropping her dress and revealing a messy face. "You don't want anywhere near this pussy without it soaked properly. It's already quite large I hear." He'd mutter before taking off his pants completely. 

    "The zipper hurt before right, now come here. Take responsibility fully." He'd say returning to his original position.

    "Eh... Right." She'd say getting up from off her back being greeted by the sight of his erection pushed through the hole in his boxers.

    "Come sit with me." He'd reach out his left hand, as she reached out with her right. Crawling over his member, it only pushing through her lower lips and rubbing her clit.

    [Kisses her neck- licks her face then kisses her lips]

    As they kiss he works her body over his member pulling her up and forces her down on it. Pre-cum rushes out of her as he takes her left breast in his right hand as his left goes underneath her to grope her right rear-cheek.

    "Working her over into grinding he'd moan out a little, his right hand going to her waist followed by his left and pressed her down.

    "Ooww... Ehh... That hurts." She wine.

    "Don't stop, it's just for a moment. Keep going... It'll feel real good once you do." He'd say feeling the trembling of her body.








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