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    Hi All, 

    I'm interested in starting a couple of rp's, I have a few ideas below:

    1. Post apocalyptic scenario, set 20 odd years after a zombie outbreak. (Please note this is just the setting, I'm not interested in zombie fetishes. My character will be human)

    2. Some sort of forbidden relationship set in either a modern setting or a medieval setting, this could be a NoblexCommoner, SoldierxRoyalty one from one kingdom and the other from another kingdom. Or for modern would be TeacherxStudent (18+ student). We can go a little more taboo and do something Incest related if you're into that

    3. A kidnapping scenario but I have yet to work out the details for this (This is not a noncon scenario, I am not into that apologies for any confusion before I put this note in) 

    4. A Victorian era or alternative Victorian Era story, with fantasy or supernatural elements, can also add the forbidden relationship aspect to this due to the times and everything relying on reputation

    I will add more details/ideas as I go along 

    I am open to any ideas based in modern, medieval, fantasy and apocalyptic world's. I do not do canon though.

    Okay so for sexual stuff, I'm Dominant, I enjoy rough stuff, a bit of choking, spanking, hand tying etc but I like aftercare so tend to be more gentle outside of that.

    No under 18 characters

    I'm not really into the whole first time thing either

    If you have any requests just ask, the worst that will happen is I'll say no.

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