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  • I have returned!! And I'm ready for some action!!

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Howdy everybody!! I apologize for my long absence but I have returned and I'm ready to get down, get bound and get fucked!!

    Now let's get to the just of this post. I'm looking for multiple sexual roleplay partners to go at it with,  and like it says in my preference sheet, (please read it before messaging) that nearly anything goes!! I don't care how you fuck me, either it be bdsm, petplay, glory holds, public sex, cuckolding, dominatrix, parent and child, sex worker, schoolgirl, futanari, whatever! I'm willing to try nearly anything and everything you'd wanna do just so long as you ask me first and explain what it is. And if I'm comfortable to try it then we'll go for it!!

    As for characters I normally prefer to play as my furry characters and would prefer role plays where I get to play as them but I have a few human character if that's what you'd prefer. And also if you wanna do something like Pokémon I'd be down too!

    Now the thing about me is that I'm an absolute slut so pretty please don't be afraid to message me if you wanna rp with me at all!

    Can't wait to role play with you~~ and I also can't wait to get punished by you~~ I'm a VERY desperate slut that needs attention right now~~ 😘

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