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  • Idea on a Fnaf (e)rp slice of life plot

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I'm looking for a female literate (4-7) who enjoys a fnaf based interview erp and rp

    Just to note this was some idea(s) that I actually have done before i'm just seeing if maybe I can make it more long term and spice it up with a different person and that this post is only to describe my thoughts not write every little thing i'm a literate that does about 5-7 lines when the roleplaying actually starts


    Slice of life, more erp than rp

    You arrive at the fazbear resturant (more details include) and you stand outside the resturant's locked front doors at 3 am with your (insert vehicle of choice) out on the parking lot your dressed with booty shorts with a black shirt with white text that says "got milk?" You wait for your boss to arrive for a few minutes as you about finish collecting your thoughts you see a black car in the distance as a second later he starts to turn and pulls into the lot as a man with a black phone head got out of the vehicle -you personally weren't too shocked since humaniod monsters and robots roamed but it was weird you have never seen another phone..guy around anywhere- the phone..guy gets out of the vehicle with a suitcase as you see him fix his tie and close his car door a second later he locks the door as he walks up to the resturant entrance doors you obviously see this as an easy target to get some quick easy "access" into his pants as you have some small talk the phone guy opens the door and he navigates through the location as sooner or later (about 10-20 minutes i'd say) you both walk into a room (i'll explain more) has the phone guy sits down as he attempts to start the interview....(what will happen next?)

    To summarize..

    You're an attractive woman with  (body count: 4) who often dresses skimpy to get attention    -with round dd cup size and a handful of ass- who wants to get a job to "attract" more people as you find Harry (me/ phone guy) and you try to attempt to get into his pants (being more controlling and crazy for dick is optional)

    If you want something like this but more things changed or adjusted in a way hmu and we can plan a plot together < 3

    If you're curious and confused hmu or leave a comment and be sure to take care and have a nice day!

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