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  • "If you like heroes so much, why not just become one?" (Mxf looking for F)

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    Hey there! I'm Mini, and let's get straight to it.

    I like the Disney Hercules film, Rising of the Shield Hero, and even My Hero Academia. They all follow a similar theme. Of someone who didn't start out with the best cards pushed through with hard work and effort, to become a hero (granted they all also get a boost or two, and Herc is born with a huge advantage, but still!). So... I would like to try something like that, and put your character in the role of the future heroine. Here are some ideas on how things could start, and while the first is my favorite, feel free to choose the others if they float your boat. I still like them.

    The first would probably lean heavily into Shield Hero. From slave to hero. Maybe my character needs an assistant, and hence decides to buy one (buy her route),
    or while running away, she decides to hide behind him of all people for protection (protect her route). I am open for other ideas too, but all would involve him taking her to his home, and genuinely taking good care of her.

    And the second idea would probably lean a bit into MHA. Seeing an opportunity to talk to someone truly strong, and utter a most desperate wish. And quiet as it might have been, she'll be heard.


    Personally, I would love it if revenge is what partially drives her. In the slave route, it's a given. Maybe she was a noble before, or even a commoner, who got everything taken away from her? In the latter, perhaps bandits have taken a beloved member of her family from her. Just some ideas. Feel free to make up a backstory of your own if you have a better one.

    As for who I would like to use for this:




    Name: Yul
    Age: Doesn't talk about it, but looks somewhere from 18-22.
    Species: ???

    Background: In the present day, Yul resides in seclusion, dwelling far from the bustling cities, and somehow managed to avoid any curious pursuers. When dire circumstances arise that exceed the capabilities or willingness of guards and adventurers, the call usually goes out to Yul through the adventurer's guild. Operating as a solitary figure, he undertakes dangerous quests with exceptional skill, often unraveling mysteries and resolving conflicts in a manner that satisfies all parties involved. His secret reputation is that of a competent, albeit expensive, adventurer, but the aura of peculiarity that emanates from his appearance further fuels the whispers and speculations surrounding his true nature.
    Yul's partnership with the merchant guild adds another layer to his intriguing existence. Leveraging his unique attributes and experiences, he provides the populace with affordable medicine, defying the norms of relying solely on costly potions for healing. While some are captivated by his remarkable abilities and the efficacy of his remedies, others find themselves unsettled by his presence.
    Personality: Yul is... complex. At first, it is not unusual to find him in a playful mood, distant, and even arrogant. But while others use it for the sake of hiding a weak ego, Yul unconsciously tries to distance himself from others. Any attempt at reaching out to someone is usually met with aversion, skepticism, a genuine uneasiness due to his presence. Who wouldn't be tired of it all at some point?
    Despite his initial standoffish demeanor, those who take the time to unravel the layers of Yul's personality will discover a person that likes puns and bad humor, likes to laugh even at himself, loves to put on melodrama and even a little show for comedic effort, and cares for people even if they might not care much for him. A person who doesn't wish to be a hero, but still dislikes cruelty.
    Within the realm of relationships, Yul is a romantic at heart. He has fantasized about a few evil fantasies on occasion, but his honest, most desperate wish, is for someone to appreciate him as a person, and who he in turn could cherish deeply.
    Actual Background:


    Yul's actual birth/creation was more than 50.000 years ago, in what is at this time known as "the Technical Age". A period of time when buildings reached into the sky, and machines were used for everyday conveniences. But what by now only he remembers is that it all came to a halt when a gate opened, linking 2 worlds, and allowing demons and monsters to pour into this unprepared realm. In response to this, the humans of that time sought to combine the base potential of demons and monsters, with the potential of humans, and created the very first Homunculi. Yul was among that very first batch, and maybe due to not having demon DNA, was written off as the weakest, and entrusted with missions of lesser danger, such as information gathering and dealing with relatively feeble demons. Easy, considering at that time, Yul didn't have a will or personality of his own.

    Unfortunately, the stronger Homunculi, which were deployed to fight at the front lines, fell eventually, forcing the humans of that time to use their most powerful weapons, and hence end the technical age. Yul survived this turn of events, as did many humans, continued his mission, and found out that he grew in strength. Slowly, but surely. Growing throughout the years eventually made Yul stronger than even his more capable brethren, and he destroyed the linking gate.

    But with his mission done, what would he do now? Yul would occasionally remember what he did until now, searching his memories for a new purpose. Domination? Destruction? Humans brought him into this world and left him stranded after all. Was their imperfection compared to him their destined undoing? ...No. What would be the point? Domination meant responsibilities, which he had no reason to want. Destruction would undo what he and so many others worked so hard for. And that imperfection was exactly what brought him to this world. So? Now he would simply start living his own life. It was ridiculously simple, amusing him to make him laugh for the first time. A good feeling. After secluding himself for many years, in order to have the time needed to process all the information he had gathered over the years, Yul had made his powers known to a select few, to let them know, they had the worlds most powerful monster at their back and call. What followed was an age of survival and regeneration, and an occasional threat either Yul, or the hero of that age took care of.


    And now, the boring, but needed part:


    Please read my preferences page before messaging me, or I might end up wasting your time. Thanks!


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