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    Hi there everyone! 

    I'm Isy and I'm new here.  I am craving a lot of things right now, I've linked my preference sheet.  I tend to like longer stories with a little bit of substance and a story line.  If it's only sex I tend to get bored.

    Any ways.  I've listed some stuff that I'm craving below, I love plotting things out so seriously talk to me.  

    I play M/M or M/Female.  (I'm really a girl so I play girls best.) 

    I can't play over discord, I forget about them and it usually doesn't end well.



    Mafia boy X Innocent girl

    Dragon X Human (or half fay) 

    Angel X Demon

    Angel X Human

    Demon X Human 

    Vampire X Human

    Werewolf X Human

    Teacher X Student

    Master X Pet

    Anything Medieval or Fantasy

    Seriously just ask me, this list will get long if I try to remember all of my cravings.  Ask about fandoms too!

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