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    Hello, these are a few incest ideas I have

    1. Mom and her friends. This would be a multi person rp with a sons mom and her friends. One day, the mother catches her son masterbating but, she doesn't say anything to him. One day, the son comes down to four of her moms friends and they coax them to come to them. Grabbing and tieing him up, the 5 of them get to work to please there needs and don't let him go. The mother now says that he is homeschooled now and each and everyday the friends get together to have their way with him. 

    2. Daddys puppet. A very controlling father forces his daughter to stay in the house no matter what, except for school. The reason being is that he has taken a sexual liking to her and uses her to satisfy his needs. This would be more along the lines of taboo area and rape. This is a work in progress but not for everybody.

    3. Beastiality and Incest. The son forces his mother to fuck him whenever he wants to be fucked. He also wants to put videos of his mom fucking a dog or a horse online as well fro money and viewers. His occupation was to be a live streamer but his mother took that away from him so now, he is getting revenge on her in the worst way possible.

    4. Brother and Sister affairs. In public, at friends house or right behind their parents back, these two characters fuck like rabbits. Constantly needing affection from one another, they can't live without seeing each other cum for one minute. They can control it when needed but if the urge arises, they might have to take the risk to fuck.


    just EcchiText me if you want to try any, 

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