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  • Introducing Tiffany! (Anyone In Need of a Neko Ero-Roleplayer!?....Check me out~)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hello there and Welcome to my Request Thread!
    As you can clearly read from title, I will be introducing Tiffany (My OC) aswell as my services (In terms of roleplaying. And that only!)
    I am not very good in writing long threads so I will try to keep this as short as possible to make it easy to read aswell as to not waste much of your time.
    In short, I am searching for a good Erotica roleplayer who is willing enough to explore many different sexual scenerios with me!
    Though, I do have to say that I am not your typical Romance girl since I have done that to infinity and beyond. It becomes quite boring for me to just continue along.
    I want to try something that is closely rooted to Taboo and Dark. If you are interested to play a dominant Male/Futa who is willing enough to force him-/herself onto MC, then you are my kinda roleplayer.


    If you wanna know more about my preferences, then here is the link: https://ecchidreams.com/roleplayer-services/preferences/my-preferences-check-it-outplease-r2264/

    Character Information

    • Full name: Tifanny Wild
    • Age: 16 - 18
    • Gender: Female
    • Species: Neko
    • Height: 5'4
    • Weight: 48 kg
    • Hair color: Blonde
    • Eye color: Fiery Red
    • Skin tone: Porcelain
    • Body Type: Mesomorph
    • Breast size: D
    • Overall Personality: Tifanny has somewhat of an older sister vibe to her. She is Kind, Caring but also loves to tease whenever is possible. She's also has a Comfortable character to herself, which would lead her to be somewhat tomboy-ish and unlady-like. In nature of Sex, she's quite open to what she likes  and loves to show it off.
    • Likes: Sweets, Meats, Hanging out with her friends, Fucking and Games.
    • Dislikes: Sour stuff and Mean figures.


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