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  • Isekai, but the hero missed the hero's journey.

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    For those unfamiliar with the term: Isekai is a fantasy genre where a person from Earth is transported to, reborn, or trapped in a parallel universe or fantasy world. They are also given either immense strength in one field or another, or cheat skill,s, embark on a journey or something comparable, and get all the bitches on their way there. Some well known example anime are SAO, Konosuba, Overlord, Rising of the Shield Hero, Arifureta, and many more.

    Usually this would be done by some higher entity or random chance to defeat a great evil like the demon king, or stop the coming apocalypse. But when your modern character arrives in the fantasy world, fully capable of fighting, they soon find out that the great evil is already taken care of. They were too late, and are now stuck in this fantasy world. They spend their next months making a living as mercenary, helping hand, even assistant if needed so long as it fills their pockets. But it isn't quite enough to make a living. At least not a luxurious one with a house.

    One day when traveling through a village, they notice a small shop selling items that should not be in this world. Bottles of Cola, freeze dried food, and actual medicine instead of potions. When asking the store owner where they got those from, they reply "You're not gonna believe this, but I'm not from this world."


    So yeah. Rather than just one person getting isekaied, there are at least 2. What I wanna make this RP about is modern people bringing modern conveniences to the fantasy world. And if it sounds familiar, yup, I got the idea from Doctor Stone.
    And since eye candy is something I consider important, let me introduce you to the girl your character will meet.




    Name: Eria
    Age: 19
    Background: Eria got transported to this fantasy world about 8 months ago, and has since then had a lot of ups and downs. Her Isekai ability wasn't meant for combat after all, so she couldn't take on the usual quests. But through trial and error, she got from food stall owner to workshop owner in a relatively short time, but struggles now to move past her current stage. Because if she can't get back home to her world, she will at least bring parts of her world to her and make a profitable living off that.

    Personality: Eria has a lot of energy to burn off. She is creative and intelligent, but her airheaded behavior does not make it seem as such. In other words, she is best compared to the calm waters before the storm. While in her easygoing mode, she is silly, easily distracted (especially by sweet food), and jumps to conclusions which are often absolutely ridiculous. But when her silly side is not what is needed, Eria is the embodiment of an adventurer's soul. Brave, skilled, and surprisingly sharp. Her calm and collected side is pretty much guaranteed to throw people out of their balance, which she is fully aware of and will use to her advantage when needed. But exactly because she "lost" a lot, she will gladly shower those close to her with attention.

    Isekai ability: Genius Spark
    When encountering a problem, a resource, sometimes even just people, Eria will spontaneously get a detailed thought process through her head. Recipes, blueprints, complex chemical processes just to name a few, will simply come to her and stay. It is thanks to this that she can invent technically anything so long as she has the time and resources to do so.


    The idea here is to give Eria a partner. Someone to help her invent much more stuff, and get a friend, home, and lover in return. And the best part? We could even turn this into a harem once more people are needed, but that is for later, and for you to choose if you want that or not.


    Got any questions? Please post them here. You might answer the question for someone else after all, and I like the idea of us writers helping out each other~

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    Just to make it clear, I am and was never against writing with you. My issue was just that I didn't think I had something to offer for your tastes since I usually play lolies and you don't seem to like them as much, which is absolutely fine by the way. We all have our tastes. This shift to teens/young adults is very recent. So now that I seem to have something you wanna do...



    Also I'm closing down the idea for now since I have more than enough people to play this with, and will mark the thread as such.

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