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    Hey everyone!  

    Kai here looking to play the role of a kind and loving master for a slave or pet who has been handed down to him to look after, If your wanting to play the role of a scared (Possibly previously traumatized) cute loli then please hit me up. 

    Sorry for posting twice in quick succession this idea hit me so wanted to get it out there~

    The idea is this: 

    My character was bought up by a warm and loving family however when he finally managed to get big in the world with his company taking off he lost both parents in quick succession, being the face of the company it meant that he never had proper time to reflect on this and sunk deeper and deeper into his work until he could feel himself starting to get overwhelmed. When this happened he turned to a friend of his who knew the world of selling 'companionship' who offered to find someone to take care of the grief and loss he had been feeling.  

    One day after a week of straight working from home to hide away from the world his friend came knocking with a smaller girl next to him, knowing his friend he was expecting a one night fling to be organized however his heart was warmed when he was told the girls story and asked to take her in to give her a new home. 

    //Let me know if you want to run with this or change it up at all~ 

    Kai ❤️

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