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    Yubi! Yubi! Everyone and welcome to Korone request thread where I share my odd RP ideas that I’d very much like to try out. I been roleplay well let’s just say it been as rather long time over multiple sites. As far as posting length goes I do prefer at least a small paragraph though will be thrilled if I get more then that. Also of note all my character images will be Anime based art.

    Now then onto my ideas:

    Femboy at an All girls School:

    As a child my character hated there name and very feminine appearance, that was until he discovered he could use it. So now my character dresses up like a girl daily as it allows him to get closer to girls then most boys ever would. He’s gotten into female only events and invited to many slumber parties. Though he finally hit the mother load getting into an all girls academy.  Your character would be a student at the school, who manages to learn my character secret, just what will happen next.


    The Femboy Maid

    In this story you character will be a college aged girl who excepts a rather well paying job to take care of what you believe is a teenage girl for the summer. Little do you know the job involves more then just cooking and cleaning, As you will also have to forfill my characters other daily needs.

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