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    It was a late October night. The cool wind blowing through the window. You were already in bed trying to finally get some sleep. The soft glow of the TV was the only real light in the room. Footsteps in the hallway caught your attention, as heels clicked on the hard wood floor. The hall light was off, so you saw only darkness as the door to your room slowly opened. But soon a tall figure filled the doorframe. Her pale skin standing out in the night. He ample chest jiggled as she walked forward a few steps. Uneasy on her feet, it was clear she may have had a drink or two tonight. "So, tell me..." She bent at the waist beside the bed, bringing her cleavage into the light. "what do you think of Mommy's Halloween costume?" spacer.png

    ((Eechitext me if you want to reply. I am up for pretty much any partner for this. But please specify at the top of your reply in case something needs to be changed.))

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