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  • Let's Make A Harem Anime: Again!

    Ever wanted to be a harem anime protagonist? Well, have I got the treat for you...

    Yes, it's the (long-awaited) return of one of my personal favorite prompts, "Let's Make a Harem Anime!". It's exactly what it says on the tin, I'm looking for a man or woman here who wants to play the protagonist of a harem anime, and make their way through the girls of their choosing. This prompt contains 8 built-in girls, all adhering to common harem protagonists. The setting will be a Japanese high school, though any other details depend on you and what you want! I will be more receptacle to those who want to play schoolteachers or nurses, ideally female or futa partners. You have to be dominant, after all, these ladies are here to be put in their place!

    Now then, let's meet the ladies!

    There are 8 girls, and while they are designed to be completed in the order they appear, it is not a necessity. Any of them can be skipped, done at the same time, or taken out all together, provided it flows with the plot and the natural 'vibe' of a harem, don't show up expecting to only take one or two of them. I have a few adjustments that will be made if your character is a teacher, though most will stay at/around the specified ages.

    The Enthusiastic, Flirty BFF

    Emica is a 17-year-old girl whose teenage years have sparked a sexual desire in her mind unrivaled by most. It seems as though she’ll flirt at anything with two legs, and this approach has led mostly to success in the goal of ‘sleeping with anyone who will let her’. When someone is in her sheets she’s up for anything, though at her heart she’s always been the smallest bit of a cumslut. On her, in her, it doesn’t matter so long as it’s touching her body. The protagonist’s staunch refusal to sleep with her has led to her frustration and her trying more and more ridiculous stunts to get them to take her.

    The Ditzy, Air-Headed Cutie

    Mei is a ditzy 16-year-old member of the school’s cooking club. Though due to how clumsy she is, it might be more apt to call her a mascot rather than an official member. She’s very sugar-sweet and nice to everyone she meets, but she’s actually a complete disaster in the kitchen. She’s so innocent that her friends doubt she knows what sex even is, though she has a body primed for it, with some of the biggest curves and most impressive figure in school, with wide, smooth hips. She always aims to please, and due to her innocence will follow most sexual orders without question, so long as her partner is the one that gives them.

    The Shy, Quiet Gamer

    Of all the people in school, Chiyo is the quietest. 17 years old and no friends to speak of, Chiyo spends most of her time in the back of the class with a game console tucked between the pages of her textbook. She uses the excuse of liking her video games more than people to hide the fact that she’s actually really nervous to talk to boys, unable to do so without stuttering so badly her words are barely comprehensible. When she’s out of school though, she’s a master cosplayer, pretending to be someone else really helping get her out of her shell. Of course, she’s not opposed to using some of the spandex and latex outfits she makes for more… lewd purposes.

    The Strong, Serious Nerd

    Hikari Kato is well-known as one of the smartest people in school. While it is regularly commented that she doesn’t look like a stereotypical ‘smart kid’ and that she could easily pick up a date if she was interested, the truth is she simply isn’t looking. She’s focusing on her studies to get into one of the top universities in the country, she doesn’t have time for a date at all. She regularly volunteers to tutor kids who don’t do as well in class, and while her personality is quite abrasive, she’s always wanted to be someone’s little pet.

    The Half-Sister

    Unfortunately for Keiko, the protagonist’s 15-year-old sister, her hormones are a mess, so much so that the only person she feels attracted to at all is her older sibling! No matter how hard she tries to crush on famous people or kids in her grade, she can’t tear her mind (and her wet dreams) away from her sibling dominating her tiny body. If they just give her a chance, she knows she’ll be the perfect wife for them… if only she could get them to accept her as a partner and finally know what it’s like to fulfill a fantasy. As she gets more desperate, her attempts become more and more lewd… maybe let her have her way before she embarrasses herself, or maybe the protagonist wants to see that happen!

    The New Underclassman

    Hina’s the newest underclassman at the academy! 15 years old (though yet to go through a growth spurt) and brimming with childlike charm, she only has one goal… to get with the protagonist! They might be many years her senior, but seeing how all the other girls get to crowd around them, she wants to do that too! It doesn’t help that they’re so nice to look at… she’ll win the protagonist’s heart no matter what it takes, and no matter how many dirty tricks she has to employ. Her cutesy, not-yet-self-aware demeanor is as adorable as it is annoying, and her borderline obsession is flattering if not mildly creepy, but nothing can compare to seeing her underneath the protag’s bigger body!

    The Student Council President

    Wealthy. Beautiful. Perfect. These are all words that have been used to describe 18-year-old Miss Sakura Saito. The leader of the school’s esteemed Student Council, it would not be hard to declare her the most influential student in school. Whatever she says goes, and there’s no person alive who can get her to give up everything she’s built for herself. The protagonist infuriates her, how they take these girls away from their previous lives to become nothing more than their sex dolls. The corruption of the new student Hina was her final straw. She will defeat the protagonist, no matter what. Sakura Saito does not fail.

    Bonus Boss! The Ex Girlfriend Appears!

    The one who started it all, Hana Kimura. She… is a mythic bitch. Her and the protag’s breakup was years ago, and while they have clearly moved on, Hana’s still trash talking them to anyone who will listen. Upon hearing that some loser she dumped now has seven highly-desired girls following their every move, she’s now determined to ruin his life however she can. The protag might just have to be a bit rougher with her in order to get her in line.

    Disclaimer and Other Information!

    I'll keep this short and sweet.

    • There must be conversation before the inclusion of pregnancy or inflation. I do enjoy breeding talk, but it should only be that- talk- until we discuss.
    • All couplings will be entirely consensual.
    • Please let our protagonist have some personality! I really need someone with something outside the basic Chizuru Ichinose archetype. I shouldn't be able to replace them with a cardboard cutout of a penis.
    • I won't be online all-day-every-day, I tend to be online most in the mornings and evenings.
    • My typical reply length is 1-2 paragraphs-worth of text.
    • And lastly, come to me with some ideas! The best part of these rps is seeing how other people put their own plots and spins on each character and background. It's a lot of fun!
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