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  • lookin for some really cute, sexy and/or hot girls to erp with. im brand new here! ecchitext me if interested

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    ok so im just here to make some new friends but mainly just to have some sexy fun time with girls that are single and love to get off to their erp's irl like how i do sometimes. cuz u know, half the time i get pretty horny just thinking about wanting to do the erp irl and i like to fantasize about it. sometimes when we do the erp for long enough i like to see if the girl wants to act out the erp over the phone or over discord call or over cam or something if we have been talking for a long enough time. im straight and i wanna make this as clear as possible! i will not do an erp with a "guy" nor a "cross dresser guy" who dresses like a girl nor do i wanna do an erp with a "transgender" or "trans-sexual". "straight" and "bi" girls only! i would prefer the girl to be ages 18-34 if possible. be willing to deal with my one-liners to paras cuz im not that good at rp in general cuz im not into literature at all but i can also get very detailed when doing the erp as well. i think 1 line up to 3 or 4 lines maybe a full para is the most i can really rp with. if u ever wanna see the types of rps i do, take a look at my pref sheet and that will tell u what im into to be exact. again just on here mainly looking for some sexy, cute and/or hot girls to erp with and maybe something outside of it if it goes that far.

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