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  • Looking for a long term partner for an Epic Fantasy Harem RP (M x multiple F, and a public RP)

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    Now then... I have a lot to cover, so let's start with the most important bit. I am looking for someone who is interested in a really long rp. How long? So long that it is divided into a total of 4 chapters, each centered around its own theme and progressing story. So if you are looking for something you can simply jump into and have fun, I'm not sure it it will work out for you. Fun is allowed of course mind you, but please go grab a drink and enjoy the read. I'll do my best to fill it with interesting details. Also, I wanna make this a public RP so we both can farm some Ecchi Credits while at it, and I have no shame admitting it.

    Just a few quick points about me: I post at least twice a week when the RP enters a slow phase, and multiple times per day when we get to something exciting. I am also confident in my sex writing style but wouldn't mind trying fade to black if that is your thing. My posts are usually somewhere from 2-4 paragraphs depending on the scene, and I will play the girls and GM the world. And since I don't know where to put this, the plot to smut ration will lean heavily on plot. You: "Wait, so I can't lewd all the girls?". What? No, you absolutely can and are encouraged to do so. Just mind the timing. I'm not planning to GM this like people direct hentai OVAs, but somewhat real people with feelings. If you really want one of the special scenes while the timing isn't right for once, let me know and I'll be your wingman and either let you have one, or tell you how to make it happen.

    Now to what probably got you here. About the girls: I can play a good variety of girls, and regarding body types/interests, I play legal lolies, teens, young adults, and adults. None of them will be futa or traps, and I sincerely apologize for that. For character references, I use anime faceclaims. If any of these are not for you, let me know and we'll see what we can work out. In either case, your character will have a varied cast. Oh and how many girls will there be you ask? Uhm... With how everything is planned out so far, I think 10+ about when they hit or finish chapter 3.

    And now that you least expect it, let's talk about the boys: While this RP isn't planned to have any MxM, there are some things a male can only talk about with other males. Plus, I dare imagine that it is nice for your character to have someone around them they can somewhat relate to. So yeah. Not only will there be girls, but also boys and men to hang out with. Most of them come with their own share of problems, and helping them out with them will earn your character friends. And since I made an estimate on how many girls there will be, I'll do the same for boys and say about 4+

    Let's talk about the setting now. This RP would play in what I can only summarize as JRPG fantasy. Cities, castles, airships, monsters, powers and magic.  The scale of the RP goes across 3 lands in the first chapter, adding another one in the next chapter, adding an entire far eastern region in the third, and the fourth shall not be spoiled.

    Now about the plot of the RP. Since it is BIG, I can't possibly sum it up all in a few sentences, but I can tell you about the chapters.

    Chapter 0: Status Quo
    Like in any other RP, this is the part where your character gets settled into the world first. Said world is defined by umbral calamities (large catastrophic events, which happened 7 times by now and destroyed much of the world's history), and the Lightbringer (a hero/saint who either ends the umbral calaimity, or shepherds the people into a brighter age, of which there were 6 so far. And yes, your character is planned to be the 7th). Best time to accept some quests, maybe even get a job, and meet the first few girls. Also either during or before Chapter 0, there will be a star shower for plot purposes. It can either be a real one, a dream, or vision depending on your preferences.

    Chapter 1: Primal Rage
    Once your character has somewhat established themselves, it's time to accept bigger quests, investigate kidnappings, and get into something that is over their level. Once done with this arc, your character will definitely be known through the region.

    Chapter 2: Dragonsong war
    A city guided by its church and culture clashes against hordes of dragons since many years. Once this chapter starts, it will be up to your group to end what was started many years ago.

    Chapter 3: Stormblood
    The people of Doma have lost the war against the empire many years ago and are currently occupied by it. Refugees escape and arrive somewhat close to your group's base (yes there will be a base). Wanting to bring piece and have a whole country at his back when needed, it is time to rebel and take back the freedom of Doma.

    Chapter 4: Shadowbringer

    And now the critical part. Your character. In all honesty, I think I shouldn't limit your creativity, but I unfortunately have to. I did this kind of RP (although not exactly this one) a few times, and some characters are just not made for harems, or even a working relationship (more on that if you ask). So... If not too much to ask, I would absolutely love to have someone who has a golden heart. A dreamer who wants everything to be okay. Can he be moody? Yup. Can he be a run off the mill anime protagonist? Probably? The thing is that even with this short guide, there is a lot of room for interpretation. For the sake of plot point purposes, he will be given one power though. The ability to have visions from the past (sometimes far in the past, sometimes very recent).


    So in case I didn't manage to scare you off yet, how about we just give it a shot? And in case you want it, I'll even help you find a faceclaim if you struggle with that. I consider finding good pics my little superpower.


    Note: Spots for this RP are limited due to how many characters I play for each try. Message here first to inform others that available spots might already be taken. Writers who message here first will be prioritized over those who PM or find my discord. For now, I'll update the available count riiiiight here.
    Slots available: 0

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    I think this is a good moment to remind yourself of Schrodingers Cat. This RP is either one of the greatest things you could write with me, or it will fail after x amount of posts. You won't know it unless you give it a shot.

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    Similar to FieryDreams, I too am pretty interested in this, but a little intimidated. I usually prefer my roleplays to be private, mostly due to being self-conscious about others seeing my work. And it looks lien there's a lot of work to put into for this scale of a roleplay. Regardless, if you think I'm fit for the job, I'd love to possibly give it a shot. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun if we pull it off. 🙂

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    I can almost guarantee you that nobody truly cares about public RPs. Sure, occasionally there is this one person that browses them, but the chance of someone reading through an RP are abysmally small. People here are on this site to write after all. And hey. If someone does read through your posts, take it as a compliment since you seem to be good at keeping their attention. Might even earn you another RP. Shooting you an Ecchi text right away Mr. Hentai.

    And with that, I have just 2 slots left open.

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    You know, I've been meaning to message you about an RP ever since I read about 'A Harem Reborn'. I suppose now's a good a time as any to throw my hat in the ring.

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    I'll shoot you a PM right after work. And I feel like I can play into one of your own ideas a little, but that is for later.

    With that, all the spots are taken, Search is closed for now.

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