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    Hello guys, and here I am again with an idea of private roleplay!

    I'm searching for a female roleplayer willing to play a nice dark elf in a fantasy world.

    But Hero, that's so cliché!


    Wait, my beloved dreamer, I will explain how it will be very different from what we are used to do!


    You will play as a fantasy world dark elf, a girl that was lost in the woods and never hurt anyone. but the dark elves are well-known in this world for worship a demon and be assassins, thieves and dealers. Hunters from a small village close to the woods found you inside of it and thought you were going to make something to the village, what caused them to try to kill you. That's when the guy who wrote this Private Roleplayer Bulletin appears, bearing his sword, he stopped the hunters and brought the girl home. The dark elf is 100 years older than the warrior, but he, of course, looks older since he's just a human.


    Okay, I got the prologue of that RP, but what now? 

    (That rp can be played in first or third person and, but I will use the third person to explain better the central plot.)

    The dark elf would get in love with the warrior that is taking care of her and wouild do anything to get noticed by him, hugging him, cooking the best recipes for his meals and be very sticky with him, hugging him and saying how much she admires that lonely man that protect the village himself.


    Where is the smut? 

    I'm looking for a more wholesome rp today, but I'm open if you want to change something in that roleplay to make it more pleasant for you! Be free to send me your kinks and limits and make it good for us all. My preference is for a slow-build of that romance. Be free to give me your ideas and we can brainstorm around it!


    You can ask me to be a futa warrior instead of a male warrior!



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