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    1) You and I were in a relationship a while back, that our parents didnt know of, but we broke up some time ago and havent had any contact ever since. Both of us were living with seperated parents, which was a reason we connected so well initially. Your father had dated a women for a while now, who you never met but you knew of, and recently he revealed that he even married her already. He promised you to introduce you to her on a family vacation, so you, her and her son could grow together further and get to know each other better. Your heart drops as you see me getting introduced to you


    2) I wake up with a stinging pain in my chest, grunting as I blink against the blinding bright light. A goddess tells me that I have died in my old world, but that she would grant me another chance to make something out of my life, in a world completely shaped after my wishes

    (this scene would require my roleplay partner to play out the whole world around me, as well as the changes I make to it and multiple female characters)


    3) I put my car in park and get out, slamming the door shut. I take a quick glance at my watch before I enter the slave shop. Like in out world, there are shops with higher pricing and luxurious quality of products, so I dont react surprised as I clerk hurries towards me and asks "hello sir, how may I help you? Is there anything you were looking for specifically?" I turn to him and smile politely "i just want to find someone special and interesting, to satisfy my needs" i look along the rows of girls, either wearing lingerie or stripped completely naked, all in chains. The clerk gestures me to follow and leads me down a row of slave girls.


    4) You family had met an agreement years ago, after they had found the family slowly seperated, not interacting as much and with the men constantly stressed out. You discussed that inside your family every woman was free to be used by the men, whenever they felt like it, in order to create a stronger bond and more family time together. 


    Please feel free to send me an ecchitext if your're interested

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