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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    **Please do not contact me here. Inbox me!**

    Hi there! 

    Sorry there won't be much here just yet. 

    ●I play Females of the submissive kind. 

    ●I can't do walls of text sorry. So shorter replies but they won't be one sentence replies. 

    ●I will not play Dom characters. 


    I don't have many plots yet but I will update this when I do.

    Interested in playing a maid****

    YC is a serial killer and murders MCs family, then finds MC hiding in her room and decides she has a different fate. After using her he then kidnaps her.

    Please send any plots you want to do my way!!

    Main Kinks:



    Some fandom characters I would like you to play if you were interested. 

    *More interested in


    *Bucky / Winter soldier
    Peter Parker (Spiderman)
    Peter Quill (Starlord)
    Tony Stark (Iron man)

    •Disney Descendants•
    *Harry Hook

    •Harry potter•
    *Draco Malfoy

    *Sweet Pea

    •Miraculous Ladybug•
    *Luka Couffaine
    Adrien Agreste

    •Doctor Who•
    10th doctor
    11th doctor

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