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  • (M seeking F) Teen Titans Fandom ERP

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey there! Currently in the mood to find someone who would like to play as the lovely ladies from Teen Titans! Though, I mostly play male characters but I'm fine with playing a futa as well. But I want to make it clear that I only play as dominant characters. Also I am looking for someone to rp female characters with me. Also when you contact me please be sure to make it clear if you want it to be more plot driven or more just good old fashioned smut! Since I'm fine with either! BTW PM me if interested!

    -Rough sex
    -Multiple characters
    -Extreme gore/violence
    -Age Play

    "The New Villain in Town": MC is a relatively unknown villain in Jump City whose powers are currently not known. But one day YC had a distress call about a robbery taking place nearby so you decided to go and investigate it. So you eventually made your way there, arriving at an abandoned warehouse. But as you began to look around you soon realized that there was not a single person there. And assuming it was some sort of false call you began to make your way back to the tower. But just about you began to leave, you had a mind splitting headache and you collapsed onto the floor. Passing out in an instant. 

    After what felt like an eternity you finally woke up in what felt like a could of heaven . A bed that was far more comfortable than anything you're ever felt in your life. But as you begin to look around the room, you soon notice that the room is far more fancier than the room you are used to. It had solid marble flooring and the walls had what seemed to be gold incrusted edging. It looked more like a fancy hotel room then your actual room. And that's when it hit you. You weren't back at the HQ recovering from that terrible headache. But instead you were well you weren't even sure where the hell you were. So you attempted to use your powers to figure what the hell was exactly going on. 

    But as you tried to use your powers, not a single thing happened. You tried and tried again to activate your powers but every single time not a single thing happened. That's when panic began to set in. You were in an unknown location, powerless, and you have no idea what's in store for you. And as you began to plan your next course of action, that's when you heard a a knock at the door. And that's where we'll take it from there.


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