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  • [M4 female] the fairy/shrunken girl(could be a goblin) meets their doom

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    Hello! The good people  today I am looking for a female with little to no limits to play a magical/fantasy roleplay with me! Involving you playing a fairy or a shrunken girl who is taken by a orc.. werewolf? Centaur minotaurs! You name it but I would prefer it be a monster over a human! If it must be a human I would be playing a black male! This is mainly a non con prompt promoting stomach bulging, sexual pain and big insertions(you have been warned.

    Scene 1 fairy:in this scene you have been captured (by whoever you choose me to play) and have been subjected to lots of magical test in preparations for what is to come next.. of course no brute like me took a fairy just to keep as a pet no no.. all those test were to make sure that you’d be the perfect living sex toy! And now with all the test out the way today was the day to see how well it would fit!

    Scene 2 shrunken human: this scene starts off with you being a human living in this rough fantasy world ruled by monsters where it’s hard for humans to make money.. but one day you get quite the offer you can’t refuse! It’s a very high paying offer and will keep paying as long as you show up.. the offer is to let these monsters use a potion to shrink you down to a tiny size in order to use you like a cum sock! Of course that’s gonna be a bit painful.. but the magic will heal you and keep you tight and alive! ..you need the money but are you ready to face those monster cocks?

    Scene 3 ether option: you are on the run after pissing off one wicked which who is chanting and throwing curses at you! After a while she stops only for you to notice you have grown smaller..(sprouting wings as well for fairy) and now getting  to a very small size left you very open to any attacks from monsters and beast that roam the forest.. this adventure did not go as planned

    Bring your own as well! Please list your kinks and limits that you won’t do as well as say what from my list you won’t do! I hope to hear from people!

    I hope this catches some people’s eyes and I can’t wait for the DMS! Ask me any questions and please read the disclaimer below!

    This rp I have only a few MANDATORY KINKS  anal stomach bulging and huge cocks/insertions My other kinks are below!

    My kinks are anal,ass to mouth, , sloppy/messy oral and face fucking, , innocent girls, non con,  degrading and humiliation, dominate men , bigger on small. And cock worship
    Sub categories!
    A: unrealistic cocks 18+ inches, stomach bulge and sexual pain nothing better then big cocks causing pain, rimming my ass love when girls eat guy butt
    B:toilet play all of it vomit to scat farting all of it , musk/smell play, heavy degradation, lolicon
    monsters and  anthro! monsters and beast.. nothing but weird cocks knots flared horse cocks and large penetrations, this also will have sexual pain 

    Limits:gore vore snuff and overly slutty! I love an innocent broken bitch
    Kik austincs59

     Ask for other ways to rp in dms! But I do prefer DM ON Reddit!

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