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  • [M4F] Male dom looking for a female victim to abuse and break

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    I like my roleplays rough, dark, and cruel, and I'm looking for a cute, young, female victim to take out my twisted desires on. The below suggestions are just a few; I'm open to any idea that goes along the same themes.

    1. The Slave Auction

    A girl catches my eye at the slave auction. She's young, and her skimpy slave outfit does nothing to hide the shapeliness of her slender, pale body. Best of all, she's advertised as being a virgin, with no sexual experience at all. I know that the pleasure of breaking her in and training her into my perfect little fucktoy will be well worth the price of purchase...

    2. Kidnapping

    I've been watching you for a while. You might be a cute schoolgirl who walks home by herself every day past my house. You might be the sweet, smiling barista at my favorite coffee shop. You might be my younger sister or cousin. Regardless, I've had enough, and I've decided that I'm going to make you mine. For you, that means that you'll find yourself waking up bound in my basement, surrounded by implements of bondage and torture, helpless against all my darkest whims.

    3. Interrogation

    You might be the archetype of a sexy female superspy...or you might just be the hapless girlfriend or daughter of a competent male agent. Either way, a supervillain has gotten his hands on you, and is convinced that you know information vital to him. You might or might not be trained to resist interrogation, but this villain is convinced that a unique blend of pain and humiliation will be enough to pry that knowledge out of you...together with many delicious pleas for mercy and agonized screams.

    4. The Assistant

    I am a man with a taste for kidnapping pretty girls, raping and torturing them, and casting them aside. And I have someone to help me with every step of the process, from luring the victims in to fucking and abusing them. You might be my loyal, submissive girlfriend, eager to do anything to please me, no matter how wicked. You might be my sadistic partner, just as enthusiastic about drawing each and every scream out of our victims as I am. Or you might be a broken slavegirl who reluctantly helps me out of fear, knowing that if you didn't, I'd do the same to you and worse. Regardless, the girls we have our eyes on are in for a very bad time.

    5. The Delinquent

    You're a teenage girl who's out of control. Your parents have tried everything, but you won't stop your wild, delinquent behavior, and your life is heading for disaster. Fortunately, there's a specialist in such cases who assures your parents and teachers that he knows just how to correct your behavior. A simple 8-week program of daily private sessions with you will turn you into a submissive, obedient girl who knows her place. Desperate for any solution, your parents agree to submit you to the program, not knowing just how horrible the process is going to be...

    Any of these roleplays could take place in a fantasy, modern, or sci-fi setting. I'm also open to fandoms, including Star Wars, Avatar: The Laster Airbender, Dungeons & Dragons, and more. Feel free to send a message and let's have some delightfully depraved fun together!

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    Hi sir! I think this would be a lot of fun. I would love either 2 or 5, whichever you think would fit the best. I tend to not be too bratty though, so 5 could be a bit tough, but I love those 'rehabilitation' camp rp's. However, I really only am into older men. Is there any chance you could play older? Like 40+? 

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    I love the concept of a school girl on her way to school, perhaps 8 years old 😉  but instead of passing by your house I would be passing by an abandoned facility. 

    Do you have helpers?

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