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  • (M4F/Futa) Ko-Boy-ashi's Dragon Maid

    It was a terribly rainy day. One moment the sky was clear, the sun was out and bright and the next. The rain had suddenly came. The sun was gone as everyone is cooped up inside. Kanna was depressed as she's slumped over on the floor near the patio door. Her little tail constantly flopping up and falling down defeatedly. Poor little Kanna had plans to play with Saikawa but the rain had thwarted what would have been a fun day. Kobayashi would return home with a soaking wet Ilulu as the group would huddle up and pass the time.
    Takiya and Fafnir were at home playing videogames, not minding the rainstorm. Unfortunately for the pair, their game would end abruptly via a power outage. Now the two sit in a candle-lit room. Reading manga to pass the time.

    As for a little boy named Shouta, the rain wasn't affecting him. He was busy brewing a spell of sorts to hopefully get Lucoa off his back. He was about to add a pinch of fairy dust but the busty shotacon burst through his door in another vein attempt to convince him she is anything but a succubus. He screamed and in his panic, he dropped the bottle of fairy dust into the mixture and immediately it began to react. Gas began to pour from the cauldron and he quickly opened the window. The gas mixed with rain clouds as the rain began to change the entire world. Everyone suddenly felt a little sleepy and everyone fell asleep.

    Kobayashi would wake up in their bed. Head throbbing and the sound of their alarm beeping incessantly. A knock could be heard as they got up and would investigate. They stood a little shorter. They walked down a hallway that looked oddly familiar and as they passed a mirror. Something about them felt familiar. They opened the door and saw a giant eye followed by a warm huff of steam. Something about this feels oddly... familiar.


    Heyya! Gonna do this format of roleplay posts rather than what I did prior.

    Anywho. I'm looking to do a Dragon Maid roleplay. As you can guess by the title, Kobayashi has suddenly became a boy! Not only that they seem to be suffering an odd case of Deja Vu? Looks like Shoutas little spell has rewound time to when Kobayashi and Tohru met. The only thing that seems to have changed is Kobayashis gender!
    I'd love to play and go through all kinds of different scenarios and fun scenes with Kobayashi and the gang. I'd much rather avoid similar scenes from the anime and come up with more original scenes in this long term roleplay. Though I am fine with doing some things from the anime.

    And if you have any fun ideas you'd like to throw into the roleplay feel free! Maybe at some point Ko-Boy-ashi realizes and remembers what's going on? Maybe they want to stick as being a boy for a bit to see whats different this time and maybe in the end she'll go back to being a girl. And we can also discuss if the others also feel some sense of Deja Vu. We can also change some of the characters to be futa or have them all just be female. I've also left Takiya and Shouta's status a little vague. Perhaps they've also had a gender swap? Or maybe either one has had a swap. Again all can be discussed in private!

    As far as kinks go, things will be pretty vanilla but I'm open to including other kinks so please feel free to throw some down. Maybe this timeline? Dimension? I'm sure we can discuss what kind of reality it is, Ko-Boy-ashi might actually impregnate Tohru or maybe Tohru's advances finally work on Ko-Boy-ashi? Oh and we can also discuss if whether Ko-Boy-ashi is a shota or remains similar to their age. The same goes for Kanna and Ilulu. If you'd like I'd be happy to age them up. Regarding whom plays who, I will be playing as Kobayashi as well as the others. In total there's 10 characters, 8 with me as Kobayashi and you, my dear reader. As Tohru. We can discuss who'll play whom, of course some exceptions will be applied such as if there's a 1-on-1 scene or whatever.

    Anyways please be able to write 5 pc lines, 1st or 3rd POV's are welcome! As for kinks things will be pretty vanilla but regardless all are optional so feel free to add/remove any.

    If you are interested feel free to EcchiText me!

    Kinks: cunnilingus, fingering, mild hyper cock (8-16 inches), seduction, magic, paizuri, handjob, blowjob, deepthroating, ageplay, excessive cum, horn grabbing, hair pulling, long tongue, mild-moderate cumflation, non/dub con, stomach bulging, CNC, rough sex, impregnation, anal, rimming and tail pulling

    Limits: gore, watersports, smegma, bladder control, piss kinks, choking, toiletplay, scat, feet kinks, sounding, bimbos, dying, farting, sissifying and chastity

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