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  • M4futa seeking role play partners

    1.An among us rp where i am a male crewmate and after everyone has been ejected except the futa imposter and myself. I continued doing my tasks assuming you were doing yours however you were setting up all the fun we were going to have at my expense.I have almost no limits except vore and gore no limits and i love being roughly abused and i enjoy muscular futa my grammar is'nt the best but i just want to have fun. 2. an explorer goes exploring to discover uncharted uncharted islands however he ends up on getting caught in a storm and washes up on a amazon island which no male has ever been seen by the amazons. 3. a man is trasported to a world which is ruled by futa and law dictates that if your male your free to used by any futa unless you are claimed if you are claimed then the futa would become your guardian or more and its hard for males to get jobs when you constantly being hunted by futas all my character will want is a normal life a house and job. 4. a man ends up flying into a parallel world where there are no men in society of futa's this man will need to do a lot as unlike futas who earn money and pay with money he must pay for things via sexual favour for instance to get on a bus and go to somewhere might cost a blowjob or whatever the futa wants like for example if he wanted a house he might have to spend the night with the sales women and he cant say no to futas he can be used and taken at any time. 5. a bully tricks nerdy guy by allowing him to touch her chest and then getting her freind to take a picture of it making it look like he is forcing himself on the bully now she owns him she wants him as a pet and to break 6. an arranged marriage ends in submission a slave to a futa who wants to break and make him her pet. 7. a male attends an all girls high school however its a school full of girl that want to break him into their pet sexually and he has to stay with a dominant futa in the dorm and the only reason he was allowed into the school to be their cumdump or a students slut. 8. an adventurer goes to kill the sexual demon queen who has been killing male humans who cant sattisfy her lust and her cock he goes to castle but he was sent by the queen as a sacrifice hoping he would be kept as the demon queens personally pet so she is not a threat to the villagers or the kingdom. 9. a male decideds to enter a fighting tournament but wants a challenge and was told about this secret tournament anyway he enters the tournament expecting the normal tournament but it wasn't he had signed a contract to become a futa wrestler except he wasn't a future and he loses to a futa and us taken as her prize 10. a futa criminal keeps fucking everything in criminal so her sentence isn't getting shorter so the head of the guards tells a newbie to stop her fucking everything just to get her out of prison he didnt realise he was offered to her as a toy to use. 11. a guy has been out of prison for a while and has settled down forgetting anything that happened in prison like he made a deal with a futa which was protection in return he would be her personal bitch forever now that futa is being released from prison 12. a theif who is new to this and did it as a dare to his freind was going to break into a house and steal as much expensive stuff as he could however he gets caught and there his life of pain pleasure and servitude began. 13. a futa is intrested in make futa porn but needs a slut when she finds a guy in need of a job and he was perfect so first se needed to seduce break and train him before making videos. 14. An adult male walks into a futa town which is heavily dominated by futas and they are the law in that town and he has been requested by the futa in charge as he is moving into the town which means he needs a owner at the moment he is nothing more then a bit of meat and can be turned into a cumdump by the police of the futa town the deadline is 30 days. 15. this world is dominated by futa orcs they control most of the land attack weary travellers and are at war with the human kingdom we could do different characters set within the same world or focus on two characters its up to you we can discuss this one in length 16. A guy died and he is sent to a box which this particular demon can shape however she wants to abuse and mess with her new pet who thinks he can escape which is laughable he is stuck with her and he is her new pet 17.A sceintest guy ends getting sucked into a portal he accidentally opened which leads to a world ruled by futa's and he is quickly picked up by the cops where they intarrogate him into try and get him to talk but he refuses to cooperate then they came up with an idea He will become a perminant resident in their world however he has to please them sexually to get a permit each favour is rated by the quality of the sexual service he will need enough points to get a place to live food and a job he could be raped used at any time. 18. your own plot or we can discuss a suggested plot .

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