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  • Magic house (age of girl, 7-20)

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    Magic House. 

    Hailey walks by an old abandoned house every day on her way to school. It always caught her attention because she loved old houses and exploring. One day she passed by the house on her way to school and stopped. She left earlier than expected to go to school so she had a few minutes to spare and go explore quickly. She walked up to the old house, its windows shattered and old wooden door looks like its about to fall off its hinges, but it still is able to move. She carefully opened the door to take a look inside. Suddenly shes taken aback as she sees the inside foyer is pristine, cleaned and polished floors, walls, even a beautiful victorian chandelier hanging above a double staircase leading to a second floor. The marble columns are beautiful, and the door even looks like its brand new with iron latches...that suddenly engage, shutting her inside the house while she was admiring the stunning inside. Unable to open the locks on the doors, she realizes that she can't get out now. Now, she hears a voice from nowhere, telling her of her new fate...

    This Rp has many options and many kinks to be had. The plot is for my character to leave. Unfortunately, the voice (played by either you or me depending on the roles we wanna play) instructs that he will not let her leave unless i go into every room of the house, and satisfy the erotic and sexual needs of every person, monster, beast, or any other being that is waiting for her! Only after all rooms are done are they able to leave. There are 3 ways you can prefer me to play this. 1: consensual. I am interested in the challenge and i take all the sexual experiences with a lustful smile. 2: forced. I am not willing to do any of the tasks, but in order for me to leave i still have to go into each room and complete the task, while struggling the whole time. 3: mixed. I am hesitant and do not want to participate, but has to in order to leave. Eventually though, i begin to like it, and even want it more after each and every time. The choice is yours!

    Please look at my preference list for all my kinks and limits. Ill still talk about them in a chat if you'd like to! Age preferences will be discussed in a private chat as well.

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