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    This is a classic that i enjoy doing very much, and the world is made for your creativity! My charater(female, links to references at the bottom! Age depends on your preferences too but i play between 8 and 19 for your liking! 


    Emily walked to school from home one day alone. She had always walked by this old abandoned house on her way, and always wanted to go inside it to explore around. It was old and broken down, windows shattered and roof shingles falling off with no signs of anyone being there at all. She had left home a little early today to give herself some time to look around the old house. The old paint and broken wooden door felt ominous but it didnt stop her at all. She was a very curious girl after all. As she opened up the door, the inside of the foyer was immaculate. Beautiful in all ways. The paint was new, the windows were fixed, the candles on the walls were lit and illuminating the whole room. She felt like she walked into a whole new dimension. The draw and confusion of the inside made her step inside just enough for the door to shut behind her. It was locked solid and there was no way else out. Not even the windows would open. However, there is a way out of the house, but it is not what she would want at all...at least at first...


    This Rp is centered around your creativity. My character must go from room to room, completing sexual tasks that you assign to me to complete. They can range from anything you desire! Gangbangs, glory holes, ghost (invisible) sex, incest of family members who are not actually there, but you can make them appear there. Tentacle monsters and mythical werewolf beasts. Horses and dogs, demon rooms, mirror rooms where versions of myself, but in male(futa) form come out and take their lust out on me. There are many possibilities to choose from to make me do! And i wont be able to leave the house til i go to every room and complete the tasks, starting from the very room i walk into even! 

    This Rp can start many ways. Depending on your preferances, i can be forced to do every single room whether i want to or not (i enjoy rape rps so it doesnt bother me at all if it doesnt for you!). Or it can be a lead up, where i am forced at first for the first few rooms, but warm up to it and begin to have fun with the rest of the rooms. Or i can be fully consensual and take all of it with joy and lust. Perhaps at the end, i may never really want to leave at all! 


    Character models: 




    (My favorite)



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