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    Every trend has its countertrend. That is the way it has always been and always will be.

    As illegal slavery and sex trafficking crimerates had risen over the past year, it was clear that there needed to be a change. And as well as the trend of feminism and gender equality worked and brought advantages to women all over the world, it also brought its disadvantages. A new political group emerged and gained power over the rest, using the countertrend of gender equality to their advantage. They promised to change the law and rules around the world, to put it in a better place and reduce the crime rates drastically. This found a lot of assent amongst the people and men waiting to regain power especially.

    After this new political party had been voted as leaders, their approach was rather simple. Since slavery and the empowerment of women had caused the crimerates to spike, they were going to countersteer and change it drastically, making female slavery legal to act on womens nature to be submissive. This of course led to a lot of protests from the feminism movement, which was why it was simply claimed illegal.

    After a few months, the political situation stabilised, as there was no opposition to the Maledom Society movement. The country gained massive tax incomes, due to the slave trades, and everyone was happy... well maybe besides the slaves..

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