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    You're trying to answer one last e-mail while on the phone with your best friend who you haven't talked to in awhile because of your long hours and you missed what she should just. "Sorry, what was that?" you ask distractedly. "What's been going on in your personal life? Are you dating?" she asks again. You snort derisively and look out your office window, it's 1 AM and nobody else is left in the office but you. "I can't say I've had a lot of time for that recently," you say evenly finally sending off the e-mail. There's a short silence on the other end of the phone, finally your friend speaks again, "There's this little um..........service I used recently because I didn't have a lot of time. Let me send you the info." You feel your phone vibrate and suddenly there's a text from your friend that's just an image grab of a business card. The card is off cream with purple elegant font that says "Professional Desires" and underneath in tinier gold font a phone number. You scoff a little, "You want me to get a hooker?" your friend laughs a little in response. "I was skeptical too, but believe me it was exactly what I needed, maybe it will be for you too." You don't say anything in response but give another look at the image. After a few moments you snap out of it, "I have a few more things to wrap up here, it was great catching up with you." You get off the phone and shake your head, "Surely it hasn't come to that?" you think.



    It's around 2:30 now and you' finally gotten through everything you needed, you're thinking it's probably time to head home and catch a few hours of sleep before you come back in tomorrow morning. You're looking at your phone making sure there's no e-mails you missed when you see the message from your friend again. You hover over the hyperlink that would make the phone call for you, "What's the harm in just seeing what they have to offer," you think to yourself as your thumb presses down on it. The phone starts ringing and you immediately regret it but right when you consider hanging up the phone clicks on.

    "Professional Desires, how may we be of service," a voice says on the other line, a dignified older woman's voice if you had to guess. You take a moment to answer but there's nothing but patience greeting you, you wonder if this is how all initial phone calls go to this number.

    "This is....this is a little silly, my friend told me to call this number and......I'm really sorry maybe I shouldn't..." you start to stammer. The voice greets you assured, but soothing.

    "I assure you that looking after your own needs is the furthest thing from silly. I'm gathering by the time of call you're a busy woman, what can we do to get you what you need?"

    You feel yourself mollified slightly, her voice reassures you. You do deserve a little something for yourself, the stress at this job is unbelievable, half the executives develop a drug habit to keep up with it. So what if you made one little appointment, it's basically like getting a massage. Your voice gets a more commanding quality, you're used to asking for what you want and getting it.

    "Do you have a more distinguished worker, someone who looks intelligent? I'm not looking for some frat boy or meat head. And I want him to be tall"

    "Oh yes we have someone who fits that description quite nicely," the woman says. "Is there a particular scenario you'd like or just down to business."

    You think over in your head the places you go day to day, you saw a stranger in your coffee shop a week or so ago, he was so beautiful, you fantasized about taking him back to your apartment but you had a meeting to get to.

    "I'd like to meet him at my local coffee shop, as if we are strangers, and I'd like to be the one who approaches him," you say decisively.

    "That shouldn't be a problem at all, what day and time work best for you?"

    You check the calendar on your phone and then open up a new appointment, "Tuesday 10:30, the Starbucks on 4th street."

    "Very good, we will send you a text confirmation day of, and when your escort is in transit."

    You feel a sort of pit in your stomach, did I really  just book this? After a few moments you croak out a "thank you," and hang up the phone.



    You are at the coffee shop at 10:26 pacing around outside. You had made an excuse about a dentist appointment to your assistant. You're staring at your phone at the confirmation and in transit text that are in your pocket. You feel a little bit queasy. You try to look inside surreptitiously to see if you can spy your escort but it's too crowded. Finally you wrestle your nerves some and step in the shop, turning your phone to silent and dropping it into the bottom of your bag. You see me sitting down at a table, I'm 6'0 with dark eyes and glasses, dark hair starting to salt and pepper, with big hands and broad shoulders. "Well they did have just what I was looking for you think." In the bottom of the bag you receive a message on your phone that you don't notice. It's from Professional Desires, it says "So sorry but there was an accident in the taxi and your escort will not be able to make it out today. Please call back to reschedule at a discounted rate." You start walking over to me....

    (please give short description and hop in if interested)


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