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  • Maybe some "Cheating" time?

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hmmm.... I dunno why but I got this idea, long story short, it is either of these three:

    1. Male Student x Female Teacher

    Well, it is about my chara(student, male) is called by your chara(the teacher, female) [to her house in the night or...(insert a place of preference)]. Maybe he does [something wrong or having bad scores, ...(route that we discuss)] in your eyes, but my chara found it weird [since he did answer the test right(bad score route) or he doesn't do that(wrong act route), ....(route that we discuss)]. Later on, he does an initiative to do "ecchidreams things" to her as the time is already night and they are just alone, maybe she is just "playing innocent" when talking about this. [She initially rejects it because she remember that she is his teacher and she already have a boyfriend/husband but soon give in to the pleasure and her body doesn't do too much resistance when he does his things.] (The [...] part is open for discussion and open for new routes but still going to the "cheating" way)

    (It starts as a non con but later became a con when your character enjoys what my chara do to them. Maybe, open discussion but yes, I just want the "cheating" and "teacher" aspect in this one(a must point), maybe extra point when you can handle a character with big breasts and ass(optional but preferable)).

    2. Male Office Worker x Female Boss Lady

    One day, my chara is working on his project but your character as his boss will always scolding my chara for the least amount of problems caused as if the company is going to be bankrupt in the moment of the mistake, but actually it doesn't. [One day, my chara found that your chara's boyfriend/husband is cheating on your chara and found out that your character is also masturbating in the day after. My chara will use that as a fact to make his move into her, maybe making her doing what he wants, or....(route that we discuss), she initially rejected because she has a boyfriend/husband(even they cheat on her) but soon give in when she feels the pleasure, and doesn't give too much resistance when he does his things.]. (The [...] part is open for discussion and new routes but still going to the "cheating" way)

    (from non-con but later on became a con once your character enjoys what my character does to them, and yes "cheating" and "office" is a must here, maybe extra point when you can handle a character with big breasts and ass(optional but preferable))

    3. insert it yourself but... There are three rules, hope these rules don't make you sad tho:
    Rule 1: "Cheating" is a must
    Rule 2: My chara is male, your chara is female(MxF) and no changes
    Rule 3: My chara is the one who does the act
    the rules is just as simple as these 3 and I will welcome the story, Fantasy/normal life/sci-fi are welcome but Sci-fi is not my mastery so when I am like writing it with flaws on that theme, sorry. No offense if you like MxM, FxF, or insert non MxF pairing, but I just don't feel like to do so, sorry about that hope this doesn't make you mad.
    (Basically these three rules are the rules of all RPs in this wall tho)

    Also, if I have your allowance, maybe you can re read what we have writen in Ecchitext in the Erotica section, but remember that I do this very very very late(maybe super long, but I will complete it anyways), I will ask this before we start.

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