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  • Mega Gardevoir's Dominance

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    This concept is a little bit more experemental than normal.

    I'm looking for a Pokemon themed D&D style roleplay, my character is a trainer starting their journey in the Sinnoh region (They start their journey at 18 in this AU) who is given a female Ralts as his first pokemon, the Ralts has a crush which it keeps hidden untill it becomes a gardevoir/mega  gardevoir, by which time that crush has evolved into love. for story I'll leave it up to you mostly as I'd like a few twists and turns but as a prompt i'll include this, After the events of D/P/Pt Cyrus returns and reforms Galatic under a new name, he commissions the creation of an artifical Arceus from an Alolan company with plans to use it to destroy this world and build his ideal world in it's place, the MC has to stop him.
    For the battle system some element of randomness would be apricated, i'd like to write them anime style where it's about more than just moves but I'd like there to be a technical system underneath. i'll let you decide how to implement that, you are the DM after all.
    By the end of the RP I'd expect the Gardevoir to of become the trainer's Femdom.



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