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    Hello everyone! This is a combined list of all the rps that ive either made or found so far that i love to play or would like to! All these rps can be changed or morphed to suit your fancy! A few things to state though first. 1: I play the female (human, furry or other fantasy) role, but I will be more then happy to try and play the male/futa/monster role for you if youd like to play female! I want possibilities to be open for everyone! 2: forced/rape, dub con, full consensual are all acceptable for me, so please let me know which kind you want! 3: age ranged for my characters (female) range from 8 to 22 for all rps, so dont be afraid to suggest your favorite in that range! 4: If you dont see something that you like, please reach out and we can make something work if we both like the ideas! Please read my preferences list for further ideas! Thx! ❤


    Hypnotic Temptations:

    My character is having fun at a pool party down the street from my house. For several hours we played and splashed until night started to fall. She decided it was time to get out and go home. As she was walking home in just her bikini and towel, a person/creature approched her suddenly. Flashing a strange gizmo in her face, her eyes cant help but to follow it and fall into a trance like state. Now easily influenced and suggestable, you take me away somewhere more private to make me do things for you willingly. 


    Volleyball practice

    My character seems to be doing well at volleyball, it was the first sport she really tried out for and put real effort into. Even though the uniform was standard for all the girls, these ones seemed a little small on me as my shorts would hug my body tighter and seem much shorter then the others. I paid no attention to it as practice finally ended and we were able to go home. Before i even left the auditorium to go home, a spectator approches me while walking with my dufflebag.


    Running at night: 

    My character decided that she wasnt going to get to sleep anytine soon. She was too awake from drinking coffee so late at night. To take the edge down, she got dressed to go out on a run through the park. Juat what she was needing to make her tired. As she ran through the dense trees and covering bushes, something reached out and grabbed her mouth and body, taking her into the bushes and out of sight. Unfortunately for her, she had ran long enough to where no one could hear her calling for help even if she tried. 


    3 month anniversary

    My character had been dating yours for about 3 months now. She was definitely in love with you and wanted to celebrate somehow with you. She knew that a 3 month anniversary was kinda strange to celebrate for men, so she wanted to get him something he would definetly want. She dressed up in her sexiest lingerie hiding under her clothes and waited for you to come over. After he excuses himself, i undress down to my undewear and wait for you to come back and claim your gift. 


    Truth of Dare

    A group of us (or one in one) get together to play some party games! We grab some food and drinks and sit in the room to play! This rp can be faster pace, straight and to the smut, or it can be stretched out and add a little more story to it! We can work out more details in ecchitext! 


    Alien world

    Hailey has been traveling the galaxy for months now, searching for intelligent life on known worlds perfect for habitation. Thankfully the FTL ships take just days to get to new star systems instead of years or generations like the old days. The massive starship stops over Orteaga minor, a perfect planet for alien life to flourish. There were already signs of trees, mountains, other vegitation and liquid water on the surface. It reminded her a lot of Earth. She was tasked to take a rover on the surface and go explore, take notes and pictures of the foreign world in search of any alien creature. Unknown to me, while i was looking for life on the planet, it too was looking for me. After driving for hours, far away from the landing site of my ship while near a lake, i realize that suddenly i am being surrounded by...something. (tentacle alien, humanoid, or your own ideas of an alien to be discussed in chat!)


    Walking to school

    Its a hot day in May. Hailey is walking to school by herself to school, wearing the school uniform button up shirt and short mini pleated skirt that fluttered as i walked. Your character(s) have been stalking me the past week, waiting for the perfect moment to come drive next to me and snatch me quickly off the street to take out their many sexual desires on me.


    Family showers:  (Tags; Incest, father x daughter, brother x younger sister, etc. No mother play) 

    My character is home after a long day of playing at the park with my friends. I was in need of a shower to clean the dirt and sweat off me. I make my way to the bathroom, my tight shorty shorts clinging to my ass as i walk up the stairs to the bathroom. When I walk into the bathroom, i forget to close it all the way, leaving an opportunity for someone to peek in on me. After starting up the shower, it makes it impossible to hear anyone by the door.  


    Daddy's little girl

    My character has been going to bed lately in a see-through night dress, and doesnt even know it. As i walk through the house before bed, i had no idea i would be showing off everything. After i go to bed, the father has a lustful idea to take out on his daughter while she sleeps. 


    Glory hole experience

    My character decided to go have some fun at a secret party her friends told her about. Alcohol, drugs, boys, it was going to be so much fun! While at the party she sees a room thats labeled "enter for some fun". As i go inside it, i notice a few holes in the wall. Before I know it, several cocks are poking through them, surrounding me in all directions. Tonight was going to be more fun then i thought!


    Wrong shower room

    My character is in the locker room showering by myself after an intense softball practice. I had wondered why none of my teammates had come to the locker room because it was so quiet now. Suddenly i hear the voices of many men come through, as the professional baseball players had finished their game and came into the showers. After losing their big game, they decided after seeing me that I was the perfect treat to help cheer them all up.


    Magic house

    My character is walking to school by herself one day when she sees an old abandoned house that has been rotting away for many years. I've seen it a few times and always wanted to get a closer look inside. As I walk up, the decrepit house looks abandoned with all the windows broken out and no one inside. The door creaks open as I start to walk inside, but to my astonishment, the inside is pristine and well kept. The windows are fixed and there is soft music playing inside that lures her attention inside. Suddenly the door shuts and seals behind her. No matter how hard she tries, the door and windows would not open for her. Suddenly a voice appeared out of nowhere (your character), instructing her that the only way out of the house is to go through every room in the house and complete the tasks inside them all before the door would unlock and i'd be free to go. However, the tasks in each room were all sexual, and up to you what they will be! You can choice anything and everything (to the extent of my limits at least) for the task to be! Anything from glory holes, to gangbangs, to visions of her father or brother forcing themselves on her, strangers, furries, tentacle monsters, beastiality, anything you desire to make her do, she'll have to do it in order to leave! Have fun and be creative about it! 


    Furry world

    My character is enjoying a day at the beach. Wearing a small bikini, i take in the sunshine and relax a while. However i forget that this is a very secluded beach and no one is around. Except your character (furry male or futa) walking down the beach. You see me laying under my umbrella, and suddenly feel a burning desire to mate with me right there on my beach towel. 


    Tentacle world

    My character wonders into a cave one day while exploring the beach. It looks so magical with rays of sunlight streaming through some of the holes in the ceiling of the cave. My small bikini is the only thing you see between me, and my bare body. Its been years since the last person wondered in and your tentacles needed a release! 


    Horse play

    My character  had trouble sleeping that night. She just wanted to go out and pet her new horse,  Thunder.  Wearing only a white night gown she goes out to the stalls alone. To see her new best friend who had a long suprise for her!


    Futa play

    My character invites her freind over for a sleep over while my parents are away. However. I have no idea my freind had a suprise under her pants until we got into bed for the night. It turns out that i had no idea who my friend really was until now.


    Girl at the arcade

    This rp will be centered around a very busy arcade setting. My character is playing games at the arcade all alone. Suddenly a stranger takes me from my game and takes me to a hidden room or out the doors with him,  and since the arcade is so busy, no one will know or see where i even went off to. 


    Waterpark fun

    This Rp is going to take place while my character is having a fun day at a huge waterpark! Here are a few scenerios we can go off, and the option will always be available to create your own! You can be a male, futa, or even a mysterious tentacle monster i somehow find, or you take me! Here are the list of ideas i have!  

    1: a sweet, seductive man

    My character meets your character and its an instant connection, both romantically and sexually and it doesnt take long for them to find an empty bath house to entangle themselves together in. 

    2: gangbang in the secluded bathhouse:

    You and your friends see me all alone and decide to come take care of me. This may lead to a consenting or forced gangbang


    3: Kidnapped from the park!

    While walking to or from the water park, a stranger comes and offers me a ride. I am oblivious to the dangers and accept the ride. However. We do not go to my destination, and I wind up back at your place where you or many men are waiting for me. 

    4: Waterpark tentacle monster! 

    Even though there are hundreds of people at this park, no one has figured out therea been a sexual tentacle hiding out in several places, and even in the water itself! The moster takes advantage of a girl who had wondered out by herself to release its pent up sexual energy) 


    Star wars padawan:  

    Aurelia wanted to prove to her master and the council that she was ready to take on the jedi knight trials, even earlier then expected. She was a talented student, but not perfect through. To test her, the council sent her to the planet Rylothia (non-cannon of course, but suggest a cannon planet if youd like) with a small, 4 man platoon to respond to a private request from the planets concerned citizens about a small thug gang running around. Although it seemed like a simple trial, it would only be the first of a few to test her abilities. As the group arrived on the planet, they are lead to the jungles to track down the gang. However, the dark side starts to cloud her mind. Thinking its just the darker jungle around them giving off this force energy, they move foward with the plan. Suddenly, red lightsabers ignite out of nowhere, taking down the troops Aurelia was sent with, and after a brief saber duel, she was very easily overpowered. The sith had been there for a while, and planned to either stay hidden, or perhaps, take on a new apprentice in Aurelia by using more, dirty methods.


    The cabin in the woods

    Hailey's family owned a small cabin out in the woods to get away from the city life. Living in the largw city was difficult, so there was a place to go to find peace for a time. Hailey came by herself this time, or so her family thought. This time she invited some of her friends up to the cabin to hang out and have some fun. It was meant to be just to relax and play some games, maybe some drinks, but there were other intentions in peoples minds. (This can be a one on one or a gangbang, depending on your wants! You can choose how many to play and if they are human or furry!) 


    Summoning a demon

    Hailey had been troubled for a while. Being more goth then what her parents or even her friends thought was normal. She dabbled with more occult items and books then most paranormal experts would dare to do, just for the rush of talking with ghosts or demons. One day, she found a ritual book hidden away in one of the libraries in town. Walking out without checking the book out, she took it to one of the abandoned buildings in town, making sure she was all alone. She drew a pentagram and started chanting the words in the book, trying to summon a demon. Little did she know, she absolutely would summom one. The book says she can control the demon, but the page that had the spell to do so was missing, so before she could even try to reverse it, the demon took what he wanted from her.


    Gym room mishap

    Hailey finished her tennis practice at the local gym. She felt relieved to get a break and go shower. Her tennis skirt fluttered about, as if attracting the attention of everyone around even while I was playing. Without even thinking about it, she walked into the mens shower room to take a shower and relax a bit. No one was in there at first, so she continued to strip down and enter a large shower room, unaware of the group that was about to enter in after her.



    My character (Judy Hopps) arrives in Zootopia with her dream of becoming a police officer. Although her first week as a meter maid didn't go quite like she want. As the days go on she felt less and less like a cop and more like a mall security officer. (This is where cannon ends and our fantasy begins) one day after her long shift of meter duty, judy walked into her building, exhausted and feeling a little defeated. She had been all alone here for weeks and with no other friends to even contact right now. She walked up to her apartment and noticed a new tenant finishing up moving into his apartment across the hall. The friendly looking cheetah smiles and greeted her, introducing himself and chatting it up with her. (This rp can go in a few directions. It can go where they start hanging out together in his apartment and going out together as friends for a bit before one night while hanging out, things get a little hotter then usual. Or he's moving in and being friendly as a cover for his crime ring and keeping tabs on Judy, or anything else youd like to try!)


    The baddest rave in town

    Hailey wanted to get out and have a little fun out on the town. She heard about a rave going on at the Matrix club downtown that was supposed to be the most popular place in the whole city. She needed to destress and party, in any way possible. As she arrived at the venue, there was a huge line to get inside. She looked a bit bummed out, thinking she put on her sexiest dress she owned for nothing since it would be hours before she could get in. However as she walked by the bouncer, he took and interest in her and waved her to come in and join the party right away. She excitedly entered inside to see a packed dancefloor with hundreds of people dancing and partying. There was a bar, a lounge area, and upstairs VIP section, a den for certain bosses and special guests. There were so many opportunities to meet new people and party. She thought she might want to go fix her dress in the bathroom first before starting the party, or get a drink at the bar. The adventure awaits! 


    Hailey's at the wrong house

    Hailey walked up to the door of a house near her neighborhood. Wheeling a wagon of girl scout cookies behind her, she dressed in her brown girl scout uniform with a matching brown skirt. Her blonde hair complimented the uniform as it draped down over her shoulders. She knocked on the door, smiling happily as she was hoping to make a big sale for the day! Little did she know the person answering the door didnt want girl scout cookies, but the girl scout herself...


    Haunted building

    Hailey was very curious about the abandoned hotel outside of town. The 4 storey structure was crumbling and in bad shape, but stable enough to do a little urban exploration! She snuck into the building late at night, walking around with a flashlight and a camera. Trying to take pictures of the old building for a blog of mine. Suddenly i feel a deep chill run down my body. It was the middle of July and over 70 degrees F, even at night it should not be this cold. I could been a breeze run around me, lifting my plaid skirt slightly and making me look around, trying to find where the draft is coming from. Suddenly, an invisible force i cant see picks me up and holds me against a wall. Even while looking around, i dont understand what is holding me, or how it was. I didnt even know why i felt fingers on me, moving up my legs where my skirt was no longer protecting my bottom anymore...

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    Holy Fuck a ton of these scenarios are so lovely and some even what I have been really looking for though some of them have the roles reversed to what I would do 🤣

    Though I am definitely into doing a bunch of these RPs if you are Hailey 😏 😘

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