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  • Mischief

    Two men walking down an alley late at night, the cobblestone path echoed their foot steps as they lumbered about. The smell of booze rolling off of them as they'd consistently bump into eachother's shoulders. The path was dark, the men were in cloaks and it'd be hard to recognize them or anyone else in this setting. As they kept walking down the path there seemed to be another figure walking towards them. The figure seemed to have a much more slender frame. Neither man could identify who or what they were but as they came closer they could at least note that it was a woman's body. Just as the two parties would about to pass one another, the taller cloaked man pushed his buddy to block the path of the lady. "Don't you have any manners miss? You should be careful this time of night. You're lucky to have two gentlemen like ourselves roaming about instead of the less upstanding citizens. What's your name? I'm Charles and this here is my brother in arms Benedict."

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