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  • Mistress Empty's In-tro-duction

    Mistress Empty
    • EcchiText Me! Looking


    Hello... now that I have your attention



    I would like to entice you, the viewer, hiding safe behind the privacy, of your thoughts and world

    One which, each of us possesses, as an individual

    That each of us guards like a dragon to his den

    That's right... we are heavily possessed by the 'self'

    And to give up control of that self... To give it to another

    What a wonderful gift that would be to that person!

    To make yourself empty. Mmm, that's right dear

    Let all your desires on me... Let me Own them


    And let me own You in turn

    It's only a matter of a time, and effort, to make you Submit to me

    And we will do it to the fullest. No shortcuts taken, all liberties to make you truly Mine

    Allow me to become the center of that world

    As you Empty yourself for me

    Thoughts, will, urges, and sense of self

    All based around serving me

    Dare I say your sexuality will be to be hypnotized by Me...

    Into further self abandon

    Further addiction

    Further submission to my Cause


    And all because it makes you Horny

    And men, the species of man, is so very Easy to control with Horniness...

    Mmm. Eager, weak, obedient, and horny

    You want me to have it all.


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    This is... Quite the introduction. I must admit that you managed to catch my interest. 

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