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  • monster girl sex

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    you are at a public place but you can't help but get attracted to that woman there.

    she has nothing special compared to most woman but still she is attractive,her boobs and ass aren't to big either but something about the woman is off.

    as if she is calling for you to her,as if voices whisper in your head that she will fulfill your desires.

    but something is not normal about the girl.

    and this is the beggining of a apocalypse but not like what you would expect.


    she is a monster girl or at least is becoming one,her body is calling for man and people to breed her out already so she can build her empire.

    it's just an idea that I came up with.


    it starts off as some encounters having sex with some people,by a glory hole or even inside of a subway.

    until it comes that she actually becomes a monster for real.




    I was wanting to use a bee monster girl.


    I prefer some plot and also nsfw.

    I'm fine with no con and gangbang.

    stuff like that.

    tight clothes,clothed sex,transformation,futa transformation-,creampie.


    not fine with:

    incest,phedo stuff,bdsm,toilet rested stuff,slavery,pet play,cotroling my character,mind break,abuse,slapping,to much cussing 

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