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    Well, hello there, well, this is another ideas came up with me.

    There are two routes of this Fandom RP, but still have almost nearly the same timeline. The fandom routes is:
    1. Tifa Route: I will play as Cloud here, and you play as Tifa in this RP (Maybe with some "lewd materias", depend on the choice of your kinks)
    2. Lara Route: I will play as a random adventurer and you play as Lara Croft(not the 2013 reboot version, but the first version)
    3. Camilla Route: I will play as male!Corrin and your character is Camilla

    I will put my usual rules:
    1. No, No Yaoi/Yuri/Trap/Futa/Furry, just a pure straight MxF
    2. Pre-RP Plot discussion is a must

    The story? Well, almost no differences but there are one common kink in here or few maybe such as: breasts, ass, male dom, and BDSM as the main ones. This one has no NTR/Cheating in the RP. Maybe they will fuck in a hotel, a temple, or somewhere, but again this one is going to semi-fast paced story(I mean as, the distance from Intro to Ehem ehem Ecchidreams things is quite fast but not that fast until 1 or 2 dialogues)

    Maybe my character and your character is having some important meeting that only involves both of them, doing missions together or do something, in before they are having Ehem... Ecchidreams things... But yeah, they are doing it depend on the route you choose and how we discussed it. If it is Tifa/Camilla Route, it would be most likely due to romance, if it is Lara Route, maybe some other things are involved here...

    But again, let me know if this idea interests you

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