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    Hey guys.

    I'm currently looking for a HS ERP where you are playing a female HS student looking for a long term realationship. You're the school slut and have the reputation to match. There will be a slight startup. But other than that, anything goes.

    I'm looking for a Female to play this role. By experience only.

    Story to follow:
    Sometimes, school could be a real pain in the ass.

    My name is Sean Redgrave. I'm a Senior at Ridgemont Highschool.][

    Here's the situation... You see, there's a girl I'm attracted to. But she has a reputation for being the "School Slut". I tend to shy away from girls like that but there's something about her that is attractive. Maybe it's her looks or maybe it's the bad boy coming out. Who knows?

    But yeah, there's the situation. Enough said.

    We don't have to role play the above situation. This is purely for reference. But if you would like to RP before the SMUT, then I'm game. Just let me know in EcchiText.

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    So while your character is trying to land her is he trying to literally pound some sense into her? Or keep up with her sex drive? What happens if she is off trying or is being a bad girl again? Are you trying to turn her into a good girl or more like a personal slut?

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