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    Hello there, feel free to call me Question - I'm making this bulletin as a means of finding new people to roleplay with. Hopefully, once you read this post you'll find that we are a literary, creative match of some sort!
    I've been writing as a hobbyist since I was very young, and it has been around eleven years since I first began taking an interest in written roleplay. I normally aim to be as literate as possible, and I write out at least one paragraph per response. I can write much more than that, but my response length often depends entirely on how much I am being given by my current roleplay partner. With that being said, though, my response times are entirely dependent on me. I can often respond relatively slowly, especially if I'm opting to be a perfectionist, or if I am feeling depressed. I typically will communicate if I haven't responded within a few days, however, so as not to unnecessarily ghost people.
    In order for me to maintain interest, romance, horror, drama, and/or sexual elements have to be involved in what I am writing. I don't know why, I've just always been that way - I have trouble focusing on nice, pure roleplays with only cute, platonic things happening. Don't get me wrong, I love fluff - the roleplay just can't focus entirely on the gentle stuff. 

    Next, I'm going to be sharing some stuff I'd like to explore- Any of these ideas could be short-term, or long-term, I think! It really depends on you!
    1) "Sitting Around" (F/M) - You find yourself feeling more and more dissatisfied with your marriage, and - by proxy - the life you have built for yourself. However, there is one thing that brings you satisfaction anymore and that is watching the younger woman who happens to babysit for your family through the security cameras installed around the house. She knows you're watching her, though, catching onto your perversions and teasing you whenever possible. It's only a matter of time before one of you snaps. 

    2) "Body Paint" (F/M | F/M/F) - In this idea, you would be playing a man who is the father of multiple, relatively bratty children. You and your loving wife are in need of another set of hands around the house as a result of your children misbehaving often. Help is found rather easily, however, there is soon conflict as you slowly realize just how attractive the new woman around the house is. An affair starts behind your wife's back; more conflict ensuing as you begin falling in love with the hired help - slowly losing interest in the mother of your children, as a result. 
    (Potentially, I'd be willing to make this idea into something more polyamorous - because I do think that could be interesting, too. This idea would be less raunchy, more sad, and more dramatic.)

    3) "Cola" (F/M | F/F) - You are the boss of your very own, successful company. You have millions in your pocket to splurge on whatever you'd like, whoever you'd like, whenever you'd like- Even with that power within your grasp, your secretary recently quit out of anger - citing you as the cause of her leaving the company behind and never looking back. You are now in need of another secretary, and fast.
    Luckily for you, there are all kinds of suckers willing to work for you. One of the applicants catches your eye with ease but for all the wrong reasons. She has no prior work experience. "No," Immediately leaves you. But, once it does, she quickly gets on her knees... utterly willing to convince you otherwise.

    4) "A Better Grade" (F/M) - As a college professor, you are much too busy for your own good. You simply don't have time to babysit your students all the time. They chose to take your class, and they'll either choose to pass or fail. You always find yourself being reminded of that fact whenever she is around. A terrible student, she seems set upon wasting her own time and money - never turning in work, or getting any answers correct on tests and quizzes. It was a wonder that she had somehow managed to become a sophomore. 
    That is... until she propositioned you for sex one day after class - propositioned you to make her grades better. Then it made plenty of sense. 

    5) "Your Face" (M/M | F/M | F/F) - Person A is someone with an incredibly paranoid, obsessive disposition. Everything means something, and something is always some sort of sign. Person A finds themselves absolutely enthralled with Person B. However, they are enthralled, not because of any of Person B's redeeming qualities, but... because Person B has the exact same face as Person A's long-passed lover, Person C. Person A begins stalking Person B in the hopes of having the same exact closeness that they did with Person C.

    6) "Chasing" (M/M) - This entire would be entirely based in a more Western world. So cowboys, horses, outlaws - all that good stuff.
    You would be playing a bounty hunter, attempting to hunt down one of the most elusive outlaws around. The number of bounty hunters the outlaw has killed on his own stands somewhere in the hundreds. The outlaw would be dangerous for anybody to hunt down, but it would be worth it. Many of your friends have been killed by the man you've decided to track down. Revenge was needed, but maybe death would be too simple. Too easy? Once you get your hands on him, you'll quickly find that - maybe - he could be used for something else. Used for a darker desire, one has other than revenge. Lust. 

    7) "Soft Spot" (F/M) - You are a serial killer that murders those whom you consider degenerate - just like many of the slashers before you have. Prostitutes, clubgoers, strippers, drunks, druggies...- Hell, even couples fucking in their homes aren't safe from you. You target, wait, watch, and strike once you see something grotesque about the person you've decided to stalk. It's always been that way with every single person you've ever targeted. You have never come across one person who lived (ha, ha) up to your standards. That is until you decided to target her - until you come across a woman who has nothing about her to punish.
    The longer you are forced to wait, watch, and follow her, the more intense your emotions become. Confusion, rage, and sadness all meld together and melt away until there is only infatuation.

    8) "Accidental Teasing" (F/M) - In this particular roleplay, you will be the older neighbor of a relatively small family. However, you aren't so interested in the family as a whole as much as you are their college-age daughter. You often find yourself ogling her at any opportunity - stalking and watching her - the young woman tantalizingly distant from you. She eventually notices your ogling, however, and she finds that she has had enough of your behavior - taking it upon herself to courageously confront you. Alone.

    (I will add more ideas later, with time!! Abrupt ending, but feel free to message me if you're interested in any of these ideas! Thank you!)

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