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    Hello everyone! I thought I'd share some rp ideas with you all since I'm getting lonely! I play the female in these rps, and im willing to look at other character ideas for me if you have some good ones i might like! All ages are negotiable, i like playing between 8 and 18, but im still okay playing a bit older if its a good scenario! I usually play sub, especially in non-con rps, but i can also be a little dominant if you really talk me into it! Here are some ideas to play! 

    Magic House

    My character is coming home from school one day alone when i come across an old abandoned house I've never seen before and go to explore it a little thinking no one is there. The outside is rotten and old, but the inside is immaculate and well kept. When i get inside, im trapped inside and the only way out is to go into each and every room of the house and complete each task that is sexual in nature before i get to leave. This part is all up to you and your imagination! Each room of sexual exploits is your own liking of what you want to do to me! Anything from glory holes, gangbangs, monsters/beasts, yourself or other people you can create illusions of to make me have sex with in order to complete the tasks in that room. I encourage you to be creative in your own ways, just be sure to use me, and use me a lot! This rp can be played in both a consensual form or in a rape/non con form, i love both so please don't be shy to pick your favorite!!! 



    This rp is straight forward non consensual and meant to be a kidnapping of my character for you to use as a personal cum dump! I encourage gangbangs for this but can be individually done as well! 


    Older brother/cousin

    This rp has my character being a younger sister to a brother or cousin, either being home alone, or at a family reunion. The stage or the scenario can be however you like it, and this can be a non-consensual, or consensual rp if youd like as well! 


    Bad spell

    This rp takes place in the basement of my characters home when she is all alone. She is dabbling in witchcraft for the first time, and isnt the best at it. I accidentally summon a demon/monster that makes me its little play toy since the only thing my character is wearing is a t-shirt and a tiny pair of lacy panties while im working on the spell. 


    Monster under the bed

    This rp takes place in the middle of the night. Its a hot summers night and the only thing my character is wearing is a see through white night gown, and nothing under it. A tentacle monster creeps up from under my bed and makes use of my exposed body by either taking my on the bed, or dragging me underneath it, stripping my only garment off me as it takes me. 


    Bump in the night

    This rp my character is home all alone when a burglar or group of burglars breaks into my home. I go to investigate in my night pajamas very sleepily, not really realizing someone might actually be in my house. This one is mostly non consensual.


    Thats all that i have in mind for now! Below is a reference character I'd like to use for these rps! Her clothes will change of course for it but this would be a good idea of what id look like normally! 



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    I would rp with you but I'm just wondering why every time we get into a rp we start off good but after a bit you ghost me then leave the conversation without telling me why you abandoned it

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