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  • Night at the bar

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    Walking into the local run down dingy tavern, the young man by the name of Matthias leaned against the bar's countertop ordering and waiting for his drink to be poured. The bartender didn't care since the law didn't see any interest in protecting the place either. This would be the temperament of every establishment Matthias would venture to. Turning back to look over the various customers at the establishment. He then spotted one woman who seemed to be sitting by herself. Matthias appreciated at least one thing about how just run down the city had become with its level of lawlessness. Allowing individuals to freely discard their inhibitions in public and express their wild fantasies where ever they wish without fear of reprisal. His mug of beer had been slid his way, picking it up and taking a sip before a few too many lewd thoughts would spark through his mind. Deciding not to let this chance pass him by, he took another deep gulp of his overpriced swill and promptly began walking to the lady's table. Coming well within her personal space, he would push the crotch of his pants right up against her face. Giving a few circular grinds to let his lower half feel alive before finally even greeting her. "It's a nice evening, isn't it miss?" The ever bold young man spoke to her. If he ended up rolling the dice the wrong way, he could easily end up shanked by a passerby to just have his body collapse on the floor. It'd easily be a week before anyone would come by to remove his corpse and its doubtful the law would do much more than issue a death certificate.

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    Oh no, yours was great. That's why I decided to rp with you. I knew I could give you something fun. However I feel bad for taking over like I did without asking you. Forgive me.

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