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  • Not so innocent little angel

    So, I’m in the mood for something a bit different from my usual cravings. I would like to play an “innocent” young girl who is actively trying to seduce an older man. Ideally, her father, stepfather, uncle or trusted family friend.

    Scenario 1
    My character is around 7-10 years old. She has recently seen something on TV that piqued her interest. Something that made her little body tingle and ache in strange places, in a way she doesn’t really understand. When she finds herself alone with YC, an older man that she trusts, she decides to try and explore these new strange and exciting feelings. Subtly, at first, but gradually getting bolder, depending on his reactions.


    Scenario 2
    My character is around 12-15 years old. Your character is her best friend’s father - a man she’s had a crush on since forever. When she comes to stay with them for a week while her parents are on a business trip, MC does everything in her power to get YC to notice her and, more importantly, to touch her.

    I already know there will be some of you asking if we can include the daughter in the fun, and while I generally have nothing against the idea, for this RP specifically, one of the exciting aspects for me is the fact that it’s all happening behind the daughter’s back. So, no, I will not be including her in the fun. Not this time, at least.


    Scenario 3
    My character (any age you desire) catches YC (a married man) getting it on with a woman who is definitely not his wife. In exchange for her silence on the matter, she makes him perform some of those same acts on her, just to sate her curiosity. So, she’s basically “blackmailing” him and he’s going along with the ruse, letting her be “in charge,” though I imagine he’s all too happy to comply.


    Scenario 4
    My character (any age you desire) has a very blatant and obvious crush on her teacher. Though he tries to resist the temptation at first, she is very forward and clear about what she wants, and she does not let his apparent disinterest dissuade her.

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