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  • Nun x Demon(FXFuta)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I'm looking for someone that likes to RP as a Futa, this is a idea that i had based on a art that i found, and that i personally would love to RP


    On the beginning, there was two Goddess, the goddess of the light and the goddess of the darkness, they created everything on to universe together, the planets, the people and everything, however, they didn't get along very well on the big part of the time

    One day, they started a war, with the Goddess of the light sending your troops of Angels, while the Goddess of the darkness have send your troops of Demons to fight against the Angels

    The Angels started the war with the advantage, however, the war came to a unexpected end, with the victory of the Demons, but in compensation, the only few survivors are Futa Demons, the question now is...what they will do with the virginity of the innocent people? specially the nuns...


    Some Notes:

    The RP could happen in a Fantasy or a Modern setting

    If you prefer to RP being a furry instead of a human, we can RP this with us being Furrys

    Other things can be discussed on ecchitext spacer.png

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