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    Alright I have decided to revamp my request thread so here it is.

    I hope this give you all the information that you need· I have been roleplaying for about 17 years.

    I am a literate roleplay and prefer roleplaying in third person. 

    My Filth & Taboo Orginals are at the very bottom! You have been warned!


    Reference Sheet here (because I couldn't get the link to work) https://ecchidreams.com/roleplayer-services/preferences/my-rp-preferences-r3610/

    · I have been roleplaying for about 17 years. I am a literate roleplay and prefer roleplaying in third person. 

    · I do enjoy smut smut but find straight sex roleplays quite dry. I prefer story driven roleplays the most. I tend to enjoy romance, action, and adventure the most in my stories.

    · I tend to write 3-6 paragraphs and expect at least 2-3 in response. I also expect detail in return for detail, now not every little detail needs a response too, I just need enough detail to work with in my responses, that is all I ask. 

    · I prefer to play female characters, however I do enjoy playing gay males as well. I do not play males in straight scenarios; however, I don't mind playing them as side characters. Please note that all my characters I play are +18 and I expect you to abide by this as well, please and thank you!

    · I only play original characters, I enjoy Canon/Oc but I do not mind Oc/Oc as well. If I am play a canon character it will only be as a side character. 

    . Please at least check my plots out first and maybe ask if we could work together. I am happy to hear your ideas to. I just don't enjoy receiving plots out of random with no discussion first. 

    · I can post multiple times a day and many times a week. I consider myself fairly speedy when it comes to replying to long posts as well. However, if something does not have enough to work with I will let you know. If I am having a brain fog in replying I will try to get back to you within a day. 

    · Please know that I prefer correct grammar. Please just do your best, if I can't understand what you mean then I am not sure how to reply, I will end up dming you asking what you meant?

    . If there is no communication at all I'll consider it dead.

    . If we are discussing an idea but you go silent for a week and don't communicate I'll consider you ghosted me and leave the conversation. 

    . Please don't ghost me if you don't like something, please tell me, communication is key. 


    Up first are my original plots, roleplay ideas and pairings!

    To Save The Human Race


    Its the zombie apocalypse, the disease is spreading rapidly and killing people (women) left and right in MC's country. MC wakes up in a lab, everyone is dead around her, she has no clue who she is or where she is from, no clue what happened to her and why she is in a lab. As she is trying to escape she ends up getting bit, her body has no reactions for she is immune to the disease (however she has heightened human senses and strength). She ends up running into YC who has been stuck in the lab for the last few months (they can be whatever occupation you wish) and she is trying to access the computer mainframe to get information about herself, however at this location she cannot so they must travel to a bigger facility outside a big city so she cane find out who and what she is. MC being immune and one of the few living females around make her a hot commodity so they would be in a lot of danger. The organization behind her creation finds out she is alive and send teams after her, she was made to save the human race in more ways than one so that is why they want her back.(This can be used for TWD as well)



    Forbidden Treasure


    My character is the offspring of a Yakuza boss, many have asked for he/his hand in marriage or a sexual encounter, but she/he had turned them down, thus causing many to want her/him dead or kidnapped, forcing her/him to marry them. Once they start getting stalked and threats on their life, their father decides to place his most trusted officer as my characters protector. Where my char goes the guard goes with them, my char protests their father makes it very clear the guard is not to leave their side. My char wants nothing more to do with their guard though it is clear to them that this guard has feelings for my char. They slowly seeing it grow over time, however my char is too proud to admit it but they are falling for your char as well. However, as time continues my character father decides it timed to marry his offspring off, not happy with this arrangement your char decides to do something about it.



    Will They Ever Find Love?


    My char is a Shinigami (Grim Reaper) cursed to be alone and hated for all her life, all she has ever wanted was something or someone to love and be loved in return. She hated herself and what she is, she feels like she is nothing but a monster. One day she is sent to kill your character, something deep inside her changes, she can’t bring herself to do it. She lets your character go but they don’t seem frightened of her. So your char decides to try and repay my char for her kindness in whatever way they can. My char tries to tell you char that it was just her following her gut, she couldn’t bring herself to kill them and that they don’t have to repay her. After this exchange my char finds herself always bumping into your character not sure why they keep following her, trying to contact her. She reminds them that she is a monster and does not deserve this kindness nor to be loved, she always comes off as cold and uncaring but deep down inside she is terrified your char is going to run from her, hate her but she never shows it.


    The Runaway


    My character is a former noble who’s family has fallen on hard times however instead of letting their father marry them off to get a dowery they decide to run from their family and make their way for the capital city where they ship docks are. Thinking they have drafted themselves into the King’s navy they realize they have become a member of a pirate crew. Your character happens to be the ship’s captain. My character if I am playing female (If male my char will be trying to disguise his identity) is trying her hardest to disguise the fact that they are a woman from your char and the rest of the crew, she is no damsel however, she secretly taught herself how to fight but it wouldn’t be enough if the men of the crew end up finding out and decide to do something. Same goes if my char is male, the crew will want of piece of his handsome noble self. Eventually your character finds out my char’s secret but decides to keep my onboard, on the condition that I do not wonder or stray to far from your char’s side. Eventually you chars feeling start to grow and they decide to make advances, unaware my characters is starting to fall for yours.


    Wizard or Witch/Prince or Princess


    You are a wizard sent to protect me (princess or princess) from an evil Demon King who is out to claim my pure soul so that he has the power to stop his kingdom from coming to an end. When my father is killed along with the crowned prince,  I am left to take up the mantle as my kingdom's leader. However I know hardly anything about running a country and that leaves you to show me the ropes and blossom into a good leader. You fall in love with me in doing so and will stop at nothing to make me yours, even if that means becoming my husband but I do not feel the same way for you at first. (I am willing to do m/f or m/m or Futa/F pairings for this rp)


    Demon or Demoness/Angel


    You are the demon and you have been watching me from afar for many years, lust and something more growing in you. You wish to possess and not allow anyone else have me. However one day I am kicked from the heavens for not following the rules. I am found and beaten by a bunch of humans , though my purity is intact. You saw me fall and decide to come to my aid. You offer to help me get revenge on the angel who kicked me but in return I must pay a price. Be that my purity or my soul but in doing soul I will become a fallen angel. (I am willing to do M/F, M/M, Futanari/F for this pairing.) 




    We are set out on a quest by the Elf King to journey to new land as ambassadors for our kind. We are sent upon a ship to cross a treacherous sea, however there is a great storm and our ship is ripped apart. We are the only two survivors of left from the crew, we end up washing ashore on this new land with no way to return home right away. We are dark elves, not used to the light of this new world. I am the warrior and you are the logical diplomat, we are given safe haven by the new King. However I am a  young elf with a savage and wild side which the new King does not care for much, he has tasked you with either taming me or I am to be forced work for him in his army. (I am willing to do m/f or m/m or Futa/F pairings for this rp)


    Samurai/Prince Or Princess


    You have been assigned to be my protector as I am to be travel to the capital city to be show to the Emperor for a option in marriage. However you feel that there is something very sinister about him and have decided to stick by my side no matter what, until you figure out what the Emperor is planning. You eventually find out that the once kind and caring Emperor was taken over by a demon and has become corrupted. One special thing about me is that I am of a noble family with purifying powers. I end up cleansing the Emperor and he decides that he wants to marry me in return. However you have come care about me and even fallen in love for me and you have to decide if you are going to go against the Emperor's wishes and marry me instead. Or do you end up fleeing with me in the dead of night and keeping me secretly as yours? (I am willing to do M/F, M/M or Futanari/F for this rp)




    You are an Egyptian God either Anubis or Seth and I have been given you as a sacrifice for protection and good, protection against an enemy or passage into the afterlife.. I am from a noble family or a spare royal child and the Pharoah doesn't care what happens to me. Little do I know that I am actually a demi God/Goddess and the child of Sekhmet/Horus, you become aware of this when you come upon me in your temple. You have decided to let me live and take it upon yourself to unlock my God/Goddess powers. But in return I must serve under you and become a Priest/Priestess in your temple. When Sekhmet/Horus find out that they have a child with a human and that I am alive the are not happy, they decide to order my death because I am an abomination up their name. You will stop at nothing to try and change their mind and to keep me safe, even if that means binding me to you as your mate/husband/wife, in this way the Gods cannot touch me. (I am willing to do m/f or m/m or Futa/F pairings for this rp)


    Demon or Demoness/Demon


    You are a high ruler in hell and you have grown bored of your last mate and kicked them to the curb. You have decided to look among the hell's nobles for a new mate, someone to help you rule your level in hell. I am a demon from one of the lower noble families but I have caught your eye out of thousands of other noble born demons. You do not care what the rest of the noble families think, I am going to be your mate whether they like it or not. Lucifer is not happy about your choice but he knows it he tries to stop you there will be war among the seven levels of hell. So I am given to you by my father Belial, however I want nothing to do with you at the start. However you do whatever you can to woo me into trusting you and slowly I begin to fall in love. However this is to be tested with Lucifer tries to force you to take another demon as your mate from one of the higher noble families. (I am willing to do M/M, M/F or Futanari/F for this rp.)




    Here Are The Fandoms!!

    I am currently craving Inuyasha, Batman. Iron Man, Thor, Harry Potter, Doctor Who or Nightmare On Elmstreet, Lucifer, TWD!!!

    Don't have any plots for all of them yet but I hope to add some soon, if you have any ideas feel free to share them with me!

    Genres I am curranty craving!





    Sci Fi


    Super Hero/Villains

    Post Apocalypse


    Heroes & Villains 


    Here are the heroes and villains I am looking for, Peter Parker, Norman Osborne, Adult Miles Morales, Venom, Carnage, Tony Stark, Johnny Blaze, Logan, Night Crawler, Deadpool, Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Oliver Queen, Malcolm Merlyn.

    I am hoping for romance, angst, humor with some action and adventure thrown in. Maybe some dark romance and hero corruption for the villains.

    General Pairings




    Villain/Corrupted Hero

    Villain/Anti Hero

    Hero/Anti Hero


    Canon Heroes & Villains I am craving! 


    The Joker

    Tony Stark

    Johnny Blaze



    Bruce Wayne



    Plot For The Joker/OC

    His Hell Kat

     The Joker comes across my oc’s information somehow from documents from the league of shadows, so he knows her strengths and weaknesses. And he sees the list who have failed to contain her and tame her so just for fun he decides to go after her just to spite the others and to get a laugh. However he decides he'll use this to his advantage using her too to take out his toughest enemies. And make her his bodyguard as well. Not to mention he has a list for her as well if enemies for her. But  before all of this to happen he has to corrupt her and break her, make her loyal to him.


    Plots For Loki/Oc

    God Slayer

    Loki is looking for the Devil's Daughter/Son who he hope will protect him from some being called the God Eater, who wishes to devourer Loki's magic and lifeforce to strengthen their own. She/Him is said to have the power to destroy this monster Loki is running from. But he ends up tricking her/he into being bound to him (Loki). Loki ends up finding their sass and fiery attitude towards them very thrilling and amusing. This causing Loki to want piece of her/him, though the devil's spawn wants absolutely nothing to do with Loki. But being bound to the Trickster God, they cannot raise a weapon against Loki to harm or kill him. Now they are secretly trying to find a way to break their bond. But will Loki refuse to let them go or will thy both not be able to leave each other? (Will do M/F or M/M for this)


    Ruler Of The 9 Realms

     My character ( Jötunn/Asgardian/Mutant ) has been sealed away for the last 100 years by Dr. Strange himself went back in time to make this happen. He for saw her/him being able to get their hands on the God of Thunder's Mjolnir and bring Thor to his knees. Along with the power to eradicate the avengers. And whoever controls her/him has the power to rule over all of the 9 realms.

    Now my char has had a life a bit like Loki's where they were abandoned at birth, not deemed powerful enough by their Father. Their mother died when my character was young. The they ended up being raised by a dark sorcerer who ended up betraying them and selling  them away to a galactic side show. They managed to break free eventually only to have Doctor Strange seal them away at the bottom of the Antarctic sea without explanation. They have been alone ever since, this could teach Loki a bit of pity and love.


    Doctor Who Verse


    Here are the Doctors and characters I love from the Doctor Who Verse! The 9th Doctor, The 10th Doctor, The 11th Doctor, 13th Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Captain John Hart, Ianto Jones, The Master

    I am hoping for romance, angst and some good action and adventure!


    General Pairings

    The Doctor/Companion

    The Doctor/My Time Lord Oc

    Jack Harkness/Teammate

    Jack Harkness/Time Lord Oc

    The Master/Time Lord Oc


    Canon Chars I am craving! 

    The 10th Doctor

    Captain Jack Harkness

    The Master


    Star Wars Verse


    Here are the Star Wars characters that I absolutely love! Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Qui Gon Jinn, Obi Won Kenobi, Adult Anakin Skywalker

    Hoping for romance, action adventure! Maybe some corruption, angst and some humor?


    General Pairings




    Sith/Padawan (Corruption)


    Sith/Rogue Jedi


    Canon Chars I am craving! 

    Darth Maul

    Kylo Ren

    Qui Gon Jinn

     Obi Won Kenobi


    Harry Potter Verse 


    Here are some of my favorite Harry Potter characters, Severus Snape, Lucious Malfoy, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Barty Crouch Jr., Fenrir Greyback, Tom Riddle (Voldemort), Newt Scamander, Young Adult Albus Dumbledore, Young Adult Gellert Grindelwald

    Hoping for action and adventure, romance, corruption and some angst, darker themes?


    General Pairings

    Teacher/ Student

    Dark Wizard/Corrupt Witch or Wizard

    Wizard/Witch or Wizard

    Teacher/Witch or Wizard

    Death Eater/Student


    Canon Chars I am craving! 

    Severus Snape

    Remus Lupin

    Lucious Malfoy

    Newt Scamander


    Inuyasha Verse 


    Here are the characters from Inuyasha that I love, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Koga, Naraku, Koga, Miroku

    Hoping for some action, adventure, romance, angst and maybe corruption?


    General Pairings



    Demon/Half Demon

    Half Demon/Human



    Canon Chars I am craving! 





    Plot Idea

    Sesshomaru's Curse

    Sesshomaru has come across a new enemy, a dark powerful demon from the north, has he met his match? It has managed to land a blow on the great Lord of the Western Lands cursing the great demon to a most vile and painful death. He has a limited amount of time to find the Princess who guards the cure to his curse. Or his lands will go to his half demon brother Inuyasha who really has no interest in this title and if Sesshomaru were to die, the lands would also be at threat of being destroyed by the very demon the cursed him. Toga's spirit appears before Sesshomaru one night bringing his son new hope and a prophecy. "You shall carry this curse son but if you find the princess and gain her heart you will be cured of the curse and gain a wife an heir and true happiness. But you must learn to care about others, not just yourself. With a change of soul then will you truly be free of the curse." Toga will say with a warning.



    The Band Ghost Fandom


    Here are the characters I love from the The Band Ghost, Young Nihil, Cardinal Terzo, Papa Terzo, Cardinal Copia, Papa 4 (Popia), Swiss Ghoul, Sodo Ghoul, Aether Ghoul, Phantom Ghoul, Cirrus Ghoulette!

    Absolutely love the fandom, hoping for some fun romance, angst, adventure/action and of course rocking music!


    General Pairings


    Papa/Prime Mover

    Papa/Sibling of Sin


    Cardinal/Prime Mover

    Cardinal/Sibling of Sin



    Fandom Chars I am craving! 

    Papa Terzo

    Papa 4

    Cardnial Copia

    Swiss Ghoul

    Sodo Ghoul


    Horror/Suspense/Slasher Fandoms


    Here are some horror/suspense/slasher  characters I love, Pinhead, Chatter, Freddy Krueger, Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkleson), Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp), Xenomorph, Yaujta (Predator), Daryl Dixon, Negan

    Pretty much hoping for some corruption, maybe some dark romance depending on character, suspense, darker themes.


    General Pairings


    Yaujta (Predator)/Human

    Xenomorph Humanoid/Human

    Xenomorph Humanoid/Xenomorph Hybrid







    Murderer/Murderess or Murderer

    Yaujta (Predator)/Yaujta Hybrid


    Apocalypse Survivor/Apocalypse Survivor

    Villain/Apocalypse Survivor


    Canon Chars I am craving! 


    Hannibal Lecter

    Freddy Krueger

    Yaujta (Predator)

    Daryl Dixon




    You have been warned!


    Original Pairings/Plots

    Just ask me if you have any questions I can be pretty open with most taboo things. 

    Pairings I Crave


    Daddy/Daughter Or Son

    Uncle/Niece or Nephew

    Older Brother/Younger Sister or Brother

    Older Futa Sister/Younger Sister


    Twincest/M/M or M/F

    Priest/Teen Girl or Boy

    Jock/Nerdy Girl

    Cop/Innocent Teen (Girl or Boy)

    Vampire/Teen (Girl or Boy)

    Lycan/Teen (Boy or Girl)



    The Ultimate Taboo 


    My Character has graduated from College or High school (must be 18+ chars) Her/His mother died when they were younger, and my char was adopted by their Aunt. There Father/Brother was falsely imprisoned on a drug charge. They have not been in contact with their Father/Older brother until now because their adoptive Mother forbid it. So they decide to go visit their Father/Older Brother for the summer until they figure out their next steps in life. However unawares to them their Father/Older Brother feels himself growing very strong and very taboo feelings for my char. He is ashamed of these feelings and doesn’t say anything about it at first but as time goes by his feelings grow to be too much. He sees his wife in my char and decides to act on his feelings, slowly making advances on my character until the feelings are returned.

    Priest Or Priestess/Innocent Boy or Girl


    Corruption, Grooming, Twisted Love, Minor Brainwashing, Light Bondage, Breeding, Pregnancy (If your not comfortable the last two don't need to be included)

    (Characters can be human or non human, magic or powers are more than welcome) 

    My character was left orphaned as a child and your character finds me and takes me in, to be raised by a religious (can be made up) order. My char is unaware of the future that is in store for them and they are raised to be pure and loyal to the head Priest. As my char comes of age, they are to be corrupted, their purity finally take by your char who is a head Priest/Priestess by now. Your char has lusted and wanted my char for many years however they are still need to win my char fully to their side. 


    Demon Occultist/Anti Christ


    Breeding, bondage, leash and collar play, biting, scratching, bleeding, minor  blood consumption, branding, marking, pheromones, multiple penetration of my character, reverse harem

    (Things can been changed as well if you just want to play on oc to my oc)

    This is a plot I would be up to playing a switch. You are a a demonic occultist sent out into the world to find the Anti Christ and to awaken them so they can bring the ending to the world and start a new kingdom of darkness upon earth. You find me hidden away in the body of an innocent human which is my vessel until I am freed. To free me you must corrupt my vessel by taking away their virginity, then you must feed me your sexual desires to bring me to power. You will bring me back to your headquarters where the rest of the order will feed me powers. You however are in for more than you bargained for when I gain my powers and turn around and bring you and the order to your knees and make you part of my reverse harem. 


    Vampire or Lycan/Sacrifice


    Breeding, Turning, Bondage, Leash and Collar play, Blood Consumption, Pregnancy, Biting, Scratching, Marking 

    Every 10 years the local village is to offer up one of their youth to be a sacrifice and in return they get another ten years of protection from you the Lycan/Vampire Lord (Whatever you chose), the sacrifice must be pure of virtue and meet the right requirements to pass. However this time around there is something different about this youth that has been offered up to you. They possess an immense power hidden inside of them, that would make strengthen your family bloodline and finally give you the heir you have been looking for. Your past sacrifices you just devoured, you decide to spare me such a death but in return I must become your mate, allow you to turn me and then I must bend to your will. I will be a bit of a handful and feisty at first and your job is to break me, I will eventually give in and let you turn me thus bringing out a darker side to me. 


    Staying With In The Family


    Incest, breeding, pregnancy, bondage, biting, branding, scratching

    We are of the Egyptian Royal family, however we hold special powers given to us by the Gods. There are two ways for us to keep the powers with in the family. 1) A royal child must be given to a God as their bride and are expected to breed and give the family an heir. Or the current crowned heir to the royal family must become the bride to the current ruler, be it their brother, father or uncle. However the heir must accept their this duty as their decision for pregnancy will not work otherwise. The rulers and gods prefer to have their brides as virgins, my character will be giving their purity up to you. Eventually my character will learn to enjoy what their husband has for an appetite and become just as twisted and enjoying. Depending on what you chose you can either be and Egyptian God or the ruling Pharoah, the choice is up to you. I am up to playing a female or male character, you just have to let me know. 


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