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  • As my title suggests, this bulletin's main goal is to attract any and all who either are committed pokephiliacs, or may be skeptical of the kink altogether. What I'm looking for specifically is well, to play as a Pokemon(M) with a human/humanoid partner(F). I do have a preference for playing as small, cute and cuddly mons, however, larger fiercer mons aren't out of the question. This does not mean that I will play as a larger mon so keep that in mind. Moreover, your specific character doesn't have to be native to the Pokemon universe so long as the roleplay takes place within the universe of pocket monsters. You MUST be willing to play as a cis female character on top of typing three or more paragraphs per response. Your spelling and grammar don't have to be absolutely perfect. I'm sure those well atoned (<-there's an example of a minor mistake) have already picked up on a few mistakes of my own. I am not going to harp on you over a single error in the middle of what hopefully is a well detailed and articulated response. This does not mean however that you can get away with sloppy writing. Ideally, all potential roleplays would have an overarching plot to follow instead of being built upon sex and only sex. If you need your fix though, I can understand that, and I may oblige to your request under certain conditions. I'd LOVE to use some of my other favorite kinks within a potential roleplay, such as hyper genitalia(M), non-con, and excessive cum to name a few, though, these are not required. Keep in mind that I have the right to reject your request if it is too vanilla in nature as well. While I do have a few plot points of my own that I'd like to share, I'd prefer if plots are created organically between two individuals so that they may mutually benefit. Knowing my partners kinks, as well as the character they wish to play as do play a significant role in determining how a roleplay will play out. If you've read all of my terms and still believe yourself to be interested then by all means, message me and together we can talk about what we both want and desire.

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