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  • prompt ideas <3 F4M

    Throwing out some ideas I've had floating around in my stinky little brain, feel free to chat me with a request for one of these prompts or suggest your own with inspo from my preferences or from these : )


    1.  Sneaking Suspicions
      • Cross-dressing, blackmail, humiliation, teacher/student, teen
      • St. Benedict's Academy is a prestigious boarding school for young men. However, it also happens to be the only school in the relative area that has a decent education. With this being the case, it has come under fire for not accepting girls into the program. Little do the administrators and students know, there already is a young lady in their classes. They just happen to be extremely good at blending in. What would the students, or teachers, do if they discovered this little stowaway in their extremely strict school?
    2.  Stubborn Little War Trophy
      • Medieval, noncon, bondage, size difference, fantasy
      • When your war party stormed into the coastal village, you found the defending warriors to be quite underwhelming. With such an easy victory, you weren't expecting a spicy little lady to come storming out swinging a knife around. She seemed determined to chase you all off herself, but was quickly taken prisoner as a spoil of war. 
      • Can definitely do non-human species for this, ie. elves, orcs, etc.
    3.  Bad Cops
      • Simple idea of cops intimidating a vandal or shoplifter into getting out of a fine, but maybe a bit more extreme. Maybe just cops abusing their power, or any other authority figure. Possibly kidnapping of some sort. This one is more just an itch for that abuse of power scenario ; )
    4.  Honestly...
      • How about just ideas for story lines that include a stubborn little brat getting put in her place?
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