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  • Purity Falls: Future Simulate Sex/ Romance Fantasy Zone


    In the far future, humanity has mastered a number of technologies, allowing the perfected way to create a simulated enviroment and create human-like life. Of course, buisnesses were primed to jump on the possibility for...baser pleasures. Sexual dens were set up, simulated cities where one could enact their fetishes, with each having a particular set that they specialized in. Purity Falls was a place that specialized in corruption, mind break, so and so forth, though that chnged when they noticed a trend. Patrons were forming relationships with the dolls, loving ones. And enough so that a viable customer base was there: So, like any self respecting buisiness they captalized on that. Nerfing the drug-like properties cum for those in a relationship, giving "Bonding Points" suggestions, and promising an "eternal honeymoon phase". Still they service darker desires, including corrupting partners of others. At least when marked, a warning text is sent to the other customer and let them deal with it.

    Pairing Ideas(itacilisized is what I wanna play):

    Brilliant but withdrawn and troubled Student x Guest as a Teacher

    Artsy, creative Student x Guest as a fellow creative student

    Caring, slightly new nurse x Guest as a Doc

    Determined Cop with dark family history x Guest as a Private Eye helping the Dept. out

    Housewife/Flower Girl x Guest being Salary man

    Vigilante girl x Guest who helped clean her up without going into maintanence.

    Talented multi-sport athlete x Guest as a coach

    Maid x Guest as a rich guy

    (Note: none of the guests don't need to be actual experts, place will provide enough)


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