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    It's the year 1812 and the Ceridian Empire is at its all time peak, encompassing almost half of the known world and well over half of its population. It was founded centuries ago by the famous Margaux family and has grown from a small duchy into a global superpower. Today, the throne is occupied by one Ophelia Margaux II, the latest ruler from the Margaux dynasty. Despite her young age, being only 23 years of age at her coronation, she is an extremely competent and ruthless ruler, leading her empire with an iron fist. Despite her rather cold and ruthless nature, she's widely respected and supported by her subjects.

    Being the most powerful person in the entire world, she can be somewhat hard to impress, which is the reason she rules alone. No king or prince has ever managed to capture her attention , despite their best efforts. In her eyes, no man is good enough to be by her side. Well there is a single exception, that being her very own guard, Sir Reynard, who she secretly has feelings for.

    Reynard is a specialized knight, trained from a young age to protect the royal family. He is slightly older than Ophelia, being in his early thirties and has been by her side since she was a teen. Seeing as they've been grouped together for over a decade now, Reynard is the only guard she truly trusts. He is the only man allowed in her room, accompanies her on all of her travels, etc.


    This would definitely be a long term rp and would mostly be story and character focused. Of course, there would be several sex scenes exploring a bunch of different kinks, as that's kind of the point of this website. I've already prepared reference photos and more character info, which I will send in dms.

    I usually write about 2-5 paragraphs per post so I expect the other person to give me at least 1.5-2 paragraphs, that's the bare minimum. 

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