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  • Ravishing Red Requests

    • Comment here first! Looking

    Hello fellow writers, and welcome to my naughty request thread!
    You can call me Red, or whatever suites your fancy
    I am a college girl from Canada looking for a good time

    Thank you for checking out my requests
    Enjoy! Feel free to PM, I don't bite Hard

    ───────── Writing and Expectations ─────────

     I generally like to write between three to five paragraphs per a reply, sometimes more or less depending on what is occurring in a scene like an intro or a quick paced dialogue. I don't need my partners to always write super long posts or expect a novel, but I am way more interested in descriptive details that really paint a picture and help me become immersed in my role.

     I love plots and stories and feel that the most satisfying smut is when there is something interesting happening that gives tension to a story. I love to work together with my partner to create such scenarios and am more than happy to discuss changing some of my ideas or creating a entirely original story. Collaborating is always super fun.

     One of my favorite parts of roleplaying is getting the chance to play into my writing partners desires and cravings, so please feel free to ask me if I'm up for something, if I'm not I'll politely decline.

     I enjoy writing in third or first person

     If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me! Please be nice and respectful... Or I will kick your digital butt!

    ───────────────────────── Kinks ─────────────────────────

    Favorite: Incest (brother x sister), Story Driven, Teasing, Wardrobe Malfunction, Stuckage, Oral Sex (giving), Anal, Blackmail/Coercion, Mind Breaking, Dub-Consensual, Handjob, Rough Sex, Cunning, Power Dynamics, Gangbang, Domination, Slow Build, Petplay, Slave/Master, Training

    Maybe: Zoophilia (Depending on scene ideas)

    No: Breeding, Scat, Snuff

    ───────────────────────── Pairing Ideas ─────────────────────────

    Sister x Brother (Craving)

    Student x Teacher

    Daughter x Dad

    Succubus x Human

    Witch x Holy Knight

    Hero x Villain

    ───────────────────────── Stories and Plot Ideas ─────────────────────────

    Brother and Sister incest stories are my personal favorite, something about the forbidden and taboo nature of it that I just find so... hot. So I'm making a dedicated section just to help with ideas and themes for what I might be interested in doing. But I'm happy to hear your ideas or changes and combinations to mine!

    Overall I like to play these kind of stories from start to finish. Starting from before the forbidden temptation take them and building up into when things become sexual, and than escalating into progressively more and more taboo acts. I love playing this kind of escalating tension and really being immersed and enjoying the journey that the characters go through. I love some kind of dynamic between the siblings that make things different and dynamic, whether it be a rivalry, the supernatural, a uncontrollable lust, or vengeance, some kind of plot interesting relationship issue makes roleplaying much more fun for me.

    Ages: I like to play sister characters between 16-24, though I really like setting brother x sister stories around a high school timeframe though. I can easily play the sister as either or younger sister depending on what you find my attractive. The age of the siblings can really set the tone of what kind of relationship and they might have. From bratty young sister to a loving and supportive older sibling.

    Personality: I love unique and diverse characters, and I think that there the type of sister you want me to be can really make an rp that much more enjoyable for both of us.

    The classic airheaded cheerleader, oblivious to her body and what she wears. She is concerned with her school reputation and her social standing among her friends.

    The bratty and rebellious sister in need of a harsh lesson, cold and distant who always gets her way. She is used to winning, and having control over everything in her life. She is intelligent, resilient and somewhat ruthless.

    Or any number of other archetypes to help add unique life to a story. I'd love to know what you would like to see in your sister.

     Sister is Possessed - Your sister becomes possessed by a succubus who begins to toy and tease you in a attempt to tempt you into giving into your primal urges with her. We can decide together he she came about to be possessed, and what the siblings relationship was like before. I'd like your char to put up some resistance at getting it on with his sister, trying not to fall for the temptation, struggling with guilt and uncertainty even as he lets her get on her knees for you. I think this setup could be super hot if done with steamy build up.

     Sister Blackmail - Your sister has always been a thorn in your side, dads favorite, pushing or bullying you around. Fate has just given her an edge over you all your life... until finally you get lucky and find something that can put her in her place. I'd love for this to start off as a revenge story, where the brother just uses the blackmail to get her to do random things, maybe to shame or simply dominate her. But as this goes on... things start becoming sexual and escalate from their. I see this being dub-con and corruption, her hating him and being grossed out at first, before realizing how much she loves it and begs for it over the course of the story. Could be super satisfying to play a character that starts off on top of the world and shot down into the pits.

     Sister Seduction - Similar to the first idea, but with the sister intentionally seducing her brother. Maybe she has always had a crush, or maybe she is always been an extreme wild child that has pushed the edge and continues to become more and more extreme. Either way, She is intentionally testing her brother limits with everything she has. How long can he resist her constantly bending over and walking around in skimpy clothes before he breaks?

    Thanks for reading! Will add on more soon
    Waiting for your PM

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    Hello! I would be interested in brainstorming something taboo and incest driven with you! the bratty younger sister would be ideal for me, as I like to play the dominant older brother. The possessed idea sounds fun or possibly something more slice of life. I love corruption of innocence role plays as well, with an oblivious, naive girl who is slowly turned into a sex craving slut by her wicked  older brother. 

    Cant wait to chat more

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