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    So first off I have my preference sheet on my profile I disclose this much that I want a roleplayer of my age spelling and grammar aren't important but with this rp I want to state that I have asperger's so emotion isn't or will ever be my strong suit but I wish to ask if you have experienced someone with asperger's and understands what goes on then this rp is for you. This rp will take place in highschool me being the loner and y/c being a popular girl slowly but surely falls in love with m/c there will be no sex or other fetishes but straight romance with excessive story building and by excessive I don't mean like we have to portray every day life like we see it but a general sense mainly what I wish for this rp is to help myself get more comfortable talking to people in general but anyways here's the plot. I was waking up one Monday morning about 3 hours before I have to head to school thinking ugh I don't want to go to school but knowing that my family was sort of depending on that I do I didn't have a choice I hated people for their irrationality towards those with mental disabilities but I have dealt with it in both elementary school and middle school so it wasn't new to me but one day while I was in my first period the teacher announced that we have a new student and I mentally thinking ugh now I have to deal with a new person? When you...    (The plot of the story is this me portraying my character as both a outsider and a loner doesn't know the difference between love and hate I will forewarn that this rp may take a light darker turn depending on how the story goes but this is one rp I wish to keep consensual at all possible if anyone wishes to rp this which is highschool romance but I'll leave it up to you (and please don't hate writing rps isn't my strong suit nor is grammar due to me having asperger's itself since the age of 6 so I apologise if this rp isn't for you)





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