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    Hello. I'm Miller, and i'm new to this site in general. I haven't really started anything yet, and, as of late, my life has been feeling a bit empty. I'm looking for a semi-lewd adventure/story in which 2 characters gradually fall in love with one another. I have a bit of a kink with romance stuff in general, especially loving, intimate affection. So cuddling, pampering, all of that is a huge plus. I'm fairly flexible with kinks, as long as there is a shared intimacy between two characters, so bondage, furries, whatever you want I'm good for it. I'm a generally well-done writer, as I'm currently working on 3 different novels simultaneously, but expect paragraph - 3 sentence replies, I write what I need to, not to fill a bracket. 

    I usually roleplay male characters. Usually human or half human. I can do furry characters aswell. You can either hit me up via EcchiText, or via a discord account I have provided on my profile.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon.


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